Brent Roy: Former FHS student is local race car champ

Local car racing champ says it all started in High School


by Jesse T.


It’s a regular Saturday night in Geary.
Speedway 660, the local hotbed of activity is roaring with activity.
It’s the night of a big Sportsman event and young Brent Roy, also known as “The Camry Kid” from Hanwell is leading.
He takes the checkers and as he is celebrating.
During the interview, you notice that he is just a young kid.
Well did you know that he is a local graduate from FrederictonHigh School?
That’s right, the most popular driver from Speedway 660 in the Sportsman Division walked the same halls as you did just a few years ago.
I sat down with him to find out about what life was like for “The Camry Kid” in his high school years. 

Brent Roy was your average high school student. Not a trouble maker, but not a high grade achiever. He was right around the middle and made it successfully through his four years at the famed school. Brent talks about always having a bright outlook and smiling. People noticed that about him. “In high school I was always a kid with a fun perspective on school. I enjoyed going to class to try and get some laughs. School work was not a top priority of mine, however I regret it now.” This is what made Brent an outstanding student. Even when his marks were low, his spirits were high and it positively affected everyone around him including some of his favorite teachers.

Brent was a big fan of cars. Even today, you can see him rolling around in his unique black Mitsubishi with bright orange rims. It’s hard not to notice him. You could usually find Brent down at the automotive wing with all of his car buddies and hanging out with his favorite teachers, Mr Hanscomb and Mr Leaman. They shared the same passion that Brent did. Brent also enjoyed his Math classes, especially in grade 9, when he was taught by popular teacher, Mr Garnett. This also happened to be Garnett’s first class that he taught at FrederictonHigh School.

There were some classes that Brent did not enjoy. And they happened to be classes that were required for Graduation. History and English. “English and History are two subjects that I never agreed with. I wasn’t really any good at them or retaining the information, so I didn’t do well. Having said that, long answer questions where I have to write out long responses were never a strong suit. English Essays were never fun, so I didn’t do well.” He managed to graduate in 2009 and has been doing very well ever since.

This love for cars ultimately led to his venture into stock car racing. Brent started out at a young age racing Go Karts on Saturday Mornings in the infield at Speedway 660. Then he eventually bought a Late Model Sportsman car from Adam Brochu and went racing with his long time sponsor, Servicemaster Clean. Since his freshman year of regular division racing, he has established quite a fan base.

Brent had to deal with, for a short time, school and racing coming together and it was hard for Brent to deal with. The late nights in the shop got to Brent. But he managed to get through it with a little perseverance and a lot of coffee. “Racing season is primarily a summer time sport though, so this didn’t interfere a whole lot with School” says Roy. Late May to Middle June is a tough time for any High School Student who is involved in racing and it was very tough on Brent because he had to not only fix the car and get it ready for the events to come, but he also had to drive it. He had to balance his time accordingly.

Brent has had some big moments in racing. His favorite moment was in 2008 when he beat Saint John driver Randy Moore to the checkers in a regular points Sportsman feature by two feet. It happened to be his first victory and for any driver, that would be a huge accomplishment. “I even had the cooler full of Gatorade dumped on me.”

With this in mind, Brent was asked about his school popularity as a high school race car driver. “Everyone knew that I was into cars, so the transition to a Racecar driver was fairly expected. Once a couple newspaper articles were published more and more people started to know about my Racing Career.”

Of course, this popularity has only grown and grown. You can’t go to Speedway 660 and not have someone know who Brent Roy is. He is not the only member of the Roy family who is a big part of racing. His dad Max is the photographer and takes quality shots. He is a proud father and recent grandfather.

His parents have been his biggest supporters 100% of the time that Brent has been behind the wheel of his car.

Brent has some pretty big future goals in mind as far as being a race car driver. He has been driving the ever popular Servicemaster Clean Toyota since 2007, but has been unable to acquire a championship as of yet in the Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman Division at Speedway 660. He now wants to move on to a bigger Pro Stock in 2014 and see if he can get a “Rookie Of The Year” award and quite possibly a championship in that division. But it doesn’t end there. He then wants to venture into the popular Parts For Trucks Pro Stock Tour, a maritime tour of Pro Stock drivers from the four maritime provinces. Brent would fit in just fine in that tour and would be expected to put on quite a show.

In the time since the end of high school, Brent has been working 5 days a week at Clark Toyota. They also happen to be his biggest sponsor. “It’s a Monday to Friday job that pays the bills. It’s fun to work in a place that is all about cars, and something that I can relate to easily.” Brent always puts in 126%, just like he did in his High School Days.

Brent does miss school just a little bit. It would be hard to spend 12 years in a system and then have it all change in front of you in a really rapid pace. He does wish to go back on some days, but then remembers the chocolate milk. “I do miss high school I miss sleeping in later then what I do, being to work for 7:15 every morning isn’t pleasant. I miss seeing all my friends every morning, and having a daily routine that never changed. The last thing I miss is the cheap chocolate milk. Having said all that, I love not having to go to school and sit through classes. My currently employment offers me something different every hour of everyday, which keeps me on my toes and makes my days fly by.”

It’s hard to say what the future will bring for “The Camry Kid.” It is hard to know what he will be doing or where he will be going. But what matters most is that he is making it somewhere in his life and that he is a prestigious graduate of FrederictonHigh School. That is something he can be very proud of. Brent can carry that close to his heart and remember that the faculty and staff of FrederictonHigh School propelled him into his life.



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