When is a photo not a liked-ness?

Should the Administration be allowed to pull photos from a student run publication?

By Luke B.

Fredericton High School Administrators overrode the Yearbook Club’s decision and pulled two student photographs from the 2013 yearbook after they were deemed disrespectful. The FHS yearbook club is a student organization which puts together and organizes the Fredericton High School yearbook for the students every year.

This year two members of the Graduating Class (2013) submitted, professionally taken, graduation photos in which they had un-offensive drawings on their faces and necks. The photos were quickly pulled by the administration, and the two students were told that unless they submitted new photographs they would not receive a photograph in the yearbook. The yearbook club decided the photographs were acceptable and attempted to include the submission in the yearbook, yet the photos were once again pulled by the administration. The Yearbook club were told by the administration that the photos would not be included because the neck and face drawings were “disrespectful” towards the school and the graduation ceremonies yet there was no malicious content, hateful message or anti school undertone in them.
Why is it that the administration feels that these photographs will so strongly offend people that they should not be run in the yearbook? It is strongly agreed upon by certain members of the SRC, yearbook committee and general student body that these photographs are not offensive or hurtful and simply show the personality of these students. The questions of how these photographs are disrespectful and what line these photographs crossed are still unanswered.
Would the photos have been a problem had the drawings been permanent tattoos? What if a student had unusual hair dye or strange facial piercings? Many students feel that the since the administration entrusts the students to build and organize the yearbook, it should not interfere in the photographs they choose to print. One of the students has replaced his photograph with a new “respectful” photograph, but one has refused to pull his photograph and is still attempting to have it included in the yearbook.


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