Crowded buses unsafe, uncomfortable

The Bus Stops Here

By Alison M.

School buses are a quick and easy way to get to and from school without paying for gas. But is all this really worth it when some buses are so crowded you can barely move or sit down?

To sum up the buses at FHS in one word: crowded. Three students squeezed into one small bus seat, with the poor student on the end forced to cling to the seat to keep from falling off when the bus takes a sharp turn. There is no room in the aisle, so students must push their way through.

I feel this is unacceptable. With little to no space on the bus, students cannot bring home projects, gym clothes or musical instruments, there is barely enough room for one backpack! Furthermore, although the bus is already overcrowded, many students feel they can save seats for friends, or may refuse to move over for someone to sit down, making riding the bus a very frustrating experience.

A simple alternative would be to get another bus for the overcrowded ones. This way, there will be fewer students on each bus. Another alternative would be for the bus times or routes to change. If one bus did two runs in the afternoon, students would be able to go to their locker, finish a test or assignment and simply take their time knowing there is a later bus to take.

To conclude, some buses are currently overcrowded. This situation needs to be fixed so students can have a safe and comfortable ride home from school each day


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