Female bathrooms a hazard at FHS?

Female Bathrooms a Hazard at Fredericton High School

By Danielle M.

The girls of Fredericton High School are concerned about the conditions of their bathrooms because they are a hazard.

The conditions of the girl’s bathrooms in our school are horrendous. The most important issue with them is there cleanliness. There’s toilet paper littering the floors, there’s never any soap, the garbage over flows, the toilet paper doesn’t exist in the holders and same with the paper towel, and worst of all the toilets don’t even flush. That’s right there is a health hazard.

This isn’t even the janitor’s faults; this is the people who hire them. We don’t have enough janitors to clean our entire school so the bathrooms are the least of their concern. There should be more hired so the bathrooms are up to health standards. The administration has their own separate bathrooms so they don’t care how ours are taken care of, and you wonder why there are so many people out sick.

The next major hazard would have to be the stall doors. Most of the locks are so old that they get jammed up and you get locked in. According to a survey taken at random in the halls of Fredericton High School, 9 out of 10 girls have been stuck in a stall at one point and 7 out of 10 girls have been stuck multiple times. This is a hazard. If there was a fire within our school, someone may be stuck and the administration could possibly be sued.

Doors are important for privacy, are they not? So why don’t we have them? Because the administration doesn’t want to waste their money on student’s privacy; they’d much rather waste it on a new paint job for the cafeteria. Anyone can look into the bathrooms and see the girls in there. That’s not right. We want doors, we deserve our privacy. How would the administration feel if they didn’t have doors? Exactly.

Sinks are a pretty important issue that needs to be fixed. They don’t stay on and they are super dirty. They need to put new ones in, preferably automatic ones so that germs are spread less. Plus we need more of them. The sink to stall ratio is way off; 4 sinks to like 12 stalls. That’s 8 sinks too short.

Lastly, the amount of stalls is way too low. The bathrooms are always full and there is never a free stall during breaks, then teachers get mad when you have to leave during class. They should add a new bathroom onto the school or at least fix up the stalls that are broken.

Basically, we need more janitors, new locks, doors for privacy, more sinks and stalls. The school is not built for that many people using the bathrooms; it needs some work and upgrades. If they keep letting the bathrooms go the way their going they will need to replace everything in them.


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