FHS: too much time in school?

FHS: Should the students stay in school for 8 hours?

By Soo P.

Eight hours in school every day – plus homework, work, clubs, extracurricular activities, volunteering, tests. For most of the students, there are more issues and work to deal with after school hours has ended. Then why is it that student must stay for 8 hours in school? Many students in FHS complain that they are being put in school too long with too much short, meaningless break times in between the classes.

Fredericton High School has following daily schedules: 1 hour of period 1, 10 minute nutrition break, 1 hour of period 2, 30 minutes of homeroom/working period, 1 hours of period 4, 1 hour of lunch, 1 hour of period 5, 10 minute nutrition break, and finally 1 hour of period 6. Students in FHS who had experienced different schedules in other schools in Canada, found the system to be ridiculous.

“In my old school, we had 5 minutes break after every classes, with 45 minutes long lunch time, so we were freed from school by 2:30 in the afternoon.” Most of us, the students, appreciate the work periods and breaks that the school allows, however, it doesn’t sound so worth it when the students realize that they are keeping us to be in school longer than necessary.

“There are too many break times in FHS, nobody needs 2 nutrition breaks, there are many students who wander around with nothing to do.” said a student in FHS. “10 minute is an ambiguous time for anything; it’s too short to start a conversation, too long for a locker and bathroom visit.” The student also expressed his thoughts on how he thinks about 30 minutes of homeroom/working period given every day.

“I really don’t get the point of this, I don’t see many people actually doing their school work. Instead, they just talk with whoever is next to them or text on their phone. Why don’t they just cut that and let people go home earlier so they can use their own time more productively?” Our school is possibly too centred on sports and academic works than arts and creativity. School shouldn’t force students to study, some people are born to dance, draw, or sing, if they don’t want to play basketball, or solve algebra (even though it affect their grades), school shouldn’t force it by wasting 30 minutes of everyone in school, even those who are willing to spare their free times at home or at work on studying.

FHS should consider letting its student go earlier by making the break time, homeroom, and lunch times. Students have rights to choose what they want to do on their free time and school shouldn’t keep them in school longer so that the students can choose what they want to do on their time outside of the school.


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