How reading becomes a chore

High School Literature
By Madison G.
During your four years of High School, you are forced to read many different books. When I say forced, I really do mean forced. Not only do you have to read the book, but you have to memorize the characters, plot, setting, identify themes, write essays about it, do projects, and remember all of these things right up until the exam. Weather you enjoy the book or not, it’s crucial for you to read it in order to pass the grade.
Being forced to read is making a lot of High School kids hate reading, which is an awful thing. Personally, I love reading. I read all the time and I read all sorts of different books; but that isn’t the case for everybody. Some people already don’t like reading and then they come to school and are forced to read a book about something that may not even interest them. This causes them to dislike reading even more. As a book lover, I’m obviously not trying to say we should get rid of books in schools, I’m actually trying to say we should get more books! What I mean by that is, we should give students more options when it comes to class books.
The book you read is usually chosen by the teacher, who really doesn’t seem to care about what type of book you like to read. They’re more concerned about which book they liked and now want you to read. For example, in my English class I am reading Wuthering Heights, while some of my friends are reading The Great Gatsby or The Catcher in the Rye. I’m sure different people would prefer to read one of those books over the others, and I think we should have that option. Just because my teacher enjoyed how difficult it is to read Wuthering Heights, doesn’t mean I will. Instead of forcing us to read one book, we should see the books the curriculum allows us to read, and pick which one suits us and our reading preferences. I remember in grade ten I had to read To Kill a Mockingbird. I absolutely hated that book.
Looking back on it now, the reason I probably hated that book is because I was forced to read it. I hardly even read it half the time because it wasn’t a book I enjoyed. Had I had the option to read something like 1984 like other grade ten students, I would’ve done better in that class because I’d be studying sometimes I actually enjoyed.
Speaking of reading something you actually enjoyed, I was always too busy reading books teachers made me read, I hardly had anytime to read books I really did like. So not only was I reading just because the teacher told me I had to, I was missing out on the enjoyment of reading a good book. Students who don’t enjoy reading get the wrong impression about books because they are only shown books their teacher enjoyed. Think about all the good books they’re missing out on!
Reading is such an important thing on my life and it makes me upset knowing so many students hate reading. They hate reading because they don’t know anything beyond the books we read in high school. Obviously giving students options for books isn’t going to make everyone a bookworm like me. However, it may make them feel less forced to read and feel more like they’re reading for pleasure.

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