Is it possible our school gyms may be the cause of accidents?

School Gyms: disorganized and outdated

By Vladi Y.

In present day the gym and weight room at FHS is becoming more and more outdated each year compared to other school gyms. Many student-athletes practice and play in those 3 gyms every single day, in which those gyms don’t get as much care as they should. The weight room is disorganized and a dysfunctional recreational area, where all the equipment is also way out dated.

FHS Is most known for its athletic students and what they have achieved through the years. Before you walk into the main gym, you can see all the awards and achievement in the big wide hallway. Wouldn’t it make sense to make the gyms look better, for the students, athletes and the community that comes to watch the games.

Many athlete that play sports that require a gym such as basketball, volleyball and badminton use those gyms. In such regular use, the gyms don’t get the necessary cleaning and upgrades. The main gym where all the main events usually happened is in great condition compared the 2 side gyms. The side gyms are small, windowless, hot and rather dangerous for athletes. The floors are slippery and the walls are very close to the side lines making in very probable for a collision.

The weight room is another story, when one goes in it feels like he got sent back in time to the 60’s. The weight room is very small with a lot of unnecessary old equipment; most of the machines that do work are, rusted and dangerous to the user. Rather than buying new equipment FHS decided to put up 2 or 3 big flat screen TVs on the wall in front of the tread mill for the teachers and students, which is completely outrageous. Students are more likely to spend money on other training facilities such as the YMCA, Currie centre, and Good Life Fitness, to get the best work out than go to the free school gym.

Those problems could be easily changed if the school spend a more money time and attention on the school gyms. More new and to date equipment could potentially bring more students to exercise, weight lift, and help athletes perform better in practice and on the court. This said, the problem is not hard to change, it just requests recognition.


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