Our curriculum needs an infusion of creative freedom

Creativity in Classrooms
by Kieran S.
Though many of the courses we have the option to take in high school may sound like they require a certain amount of creativity, almost none of them are as they seem. Even classes such as art or writing are very limiting as to what you create.
In many of the courses that many of us have taken so far, which we’ve expected to have creative freedom in, have often given strict guidelines to follow. If we wanted to take classes with such rules we would’ve taken courses such as math or science.
An example of this would be in our English classes when we have to respond to a certain amount of our novel that we’ve read. It is said that we do so in a “creative” way, but there are usually four responses to choose from. These four options usually aren’t creative at all, such as picking quotations and stating what they mean.
This is a problem in our curriculum because students aren’t usually encouraged to explore their artistic side, which is leading to a creative drought in our society. Since it isn’t required for people to be creative in school, people eventually think that they aren’t creative and typically grow to despise the arts and label them as useless. This gives a rise to the conflict between jocks and art students since sports are considered more important than art in most cases.
Though you’d think that us artistic people have time to create art at home, we are often too busy with schoolwork or our jobs.
The solution in simple. All we need to do is change the curriculum so that it gives more artistic freedom and teaches students how to be more creative. This will motivate them to create more, which could result in a creative surge in society and ultimately enrich our culture artistically.

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