Smart uses for Smart Boards

Smart Uses for Smart Boards
By Daniel K.
A greater amount of teachers at Fredericton High School do not use the Smart Boards the district has bought for them than those that do.
The teachers at Fredericton High School have been provided with a Smart Board for their classes by the district, yet not all of them actually make good use of them. Why are teachers not making proper use of the smart Boards? What could we do to fix this problem? There are two possible solutions that can solve this problem. One way is for the High School to sell the Smart Boards that belong to teachers who don’t make proper use of them to add to the schools funding, or to invest in giving the teachers lessons on how to use them to their maximum potential.
If the school were to sell the Smart Boards that are not being used properly, they could use the extra funds to greatly increase the condition of the school, add more diverse classes, or even add more hands-on trips for already existing courses. There are many things that can be done to improve the condition of the school, like investing in a proper heating and cooling system, because the school has very sporadic differences in temperatures throughout the school, which causes discomfort for students and teachers alike.
More courses could also be added to the already large number that the school has, such as more specific editing and technology-related courses. Why do we need more courses? Not all courses cover exactly what a student may want to want to study for a future career and so, having more career-specific courses would be a direct benefit to the students as well as the teachers, by causing less overcrowding in some courses.
If the option to sell the Smart Boards is not available to the school, or if they wish to keep them, the other option is to have teachers taught how to properly use the Smart Boards. While this may cost more money initially, it makes the courses the teachers will teach more interesting and interactive, which is a direct benefit to the students, keeping them involved and interested in what is being taught. The Math and Science courses already make very good use of the Smart Boards, using interactive lessons and activities so that students better understand what is being taught. Teachers that have more English and History related courses could receive a big boost from better use of Smart Boards, being able to properly demonstrate certain ideas and theories in English, among other courses.
The Smart Boards at Fredericton High School are not being used how they are meant to be by a large majority of the staff. If we keep them and do nothing to alleviate the problem, then our Smart Boards will just be over-priced projectors until they break down and become useless. We don’t care exactly how the district deals with them, but we do think that they deserve and need a use.

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