Too Much “Oh Canada?”

Oh Canada is Overplayed

By Josh D.

One of the most symbolic forms of patriotic recognition in Canadian schools is the playing of our national anthem, Oh Canada. When and how often it should be played in schools has been a discussion among districts, and it seems to currently be at a settling point. Where they have left the policy at Fredericton High School is not where it should be as we are wearing out a part of our national pride.

            The national anthem is, no doubt, an important part of our country’s image, but it is gradually fading in importance to our youth. I’ve noticed that it has been played each day for over 2 years, and has lately been the same recording for most days. It seems like it is kindly put upon us to stand, when in theory we do not have to according to our rights, but that is not the issue at hand. Some students say they are tired of standing for the duration of the song. While some of that opinion may be from the lethargic thoughts of teenagers in the morning, it does show that the anthem’s significance is dropping for them, rendering it unworthy to want to stand for.

At Fredericton High School, the anthem is played every single day, drilling into our heads. After a relatively short amount of time, according to many students, the anthem tends to side past your attention. This is leading to the desensitizing of our nation’s anthem among our youth. Many students have mentioned this to me during conversations, and it is easy to notice the loss of pride associated with the repetition of the anthem. It can easily be related to a song of any genre that is fairly known and played multiple times on the radio and in other media. If the track would happen to be a magnificent piece that not many people know and that you’ve heard a few times, it would have a greater impact on you each time you listen to it. But if it was to become main-stream and aired endlessly on TV and radio, you would quickly become sick of it and would not want to hear it again.

This problem can easily be fixed with a small amount of consideration and cooperation. If the anthem were to be played only once every one, or even two, weeks it would have more significance attached to it. There could also be more student involvement with the national anthem, such as a different student every week singing it to the school, or different versions chosen by students that would then draw the attention of others to actually consider the song while it is playing.

The patriotic views of our citizens are important to consider, as they are the future of our nation, and may influence them to remain in the country. O’ Canada is one simple song that can make a huge difference as it leaves a piece of our country’s pride with each student throughout the week. The constant exposure to this would only numb the effect for the worse. This kind of problem is one that administration should thoroughly consider for the good of our school and country’s pride.


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