Wearing the Black-n-Yellow: Is it worth it?

Is there too much fuss or the Black and Yellow?

Chris R.

For the past 4 years, I have noticed that students who are involved in athletics usually think they’re better than everyone. Now with that being said, certainly not all do, but its proven that about 95% do.

While walking around the school, you usually see these students wearing some sort of an article of FHS clothing, with their name and number of their jersey on the back or sleeve. Aside from the flaunting of clothes, these students flaunt their egos. Most of the time, these people usually sway their shoulders like that of a gorilla, walk with their head slightly tilted back, and have an expression of absolute disgust that nobody is as good as them on their faces.

As a person involved with athletics, I ask myself, how did those people get to that point in their minds? I’ve figured out that it’s the relief of making the team, being around others who are like them, the “overkill” on “you’re so great” or “you’re so amazing. I can tell you’re going places”, when they play a high school sport. I think it’s great that those people want to build the kids up, especially in a time in your life when many teens don’t believe in themselves at all. However, there’s also kids that don’t get any at all and are going through a lot of difficulties who don’t have many friends, dealing with a lot of hurt, and don’t get any praise at all, while a kid who makes a goal or a basket is dubbed a hero? That just doesn’t make any sense. There’s too much material in the athletic kid’s lives, in my opinion.

Something else I’ve observed, is the teachers also help out the ego by commending them in front of the class and calling them an “athlete”. Well just because you play on the team at school doesn’t necessarily put you in the same boat as Olympians and so forth. The whole concept of “you play on an FHS team” and how “prestigious” it is, makes the student think they’re the next Jordan or Gretzky, when they are the farthest thing from it.

I remember when I was in grade 9, I tried out for the Boys Tier 2 team. I showed up to every try-out, made shots with contact, scoring higher than most of the others, etc. I went back to check to see who made the team, and my name wasn’t on the list. This puzzled and shocked me because I had worked so hard and done such a great job and had my heart set on making the team, when in return I didn’t get a roster spot.

For quite a while after that, I would wonder while shooting around, “what would it be like to wear an FHS jersey?” and that opportunity came up in grade 12. I made the Tier 2 team and got the opportunity to wear the black and gold. When I got home, I weighed out my options and decided that the year to have played would’ve been last year, so I had to return the uniform. While looking at the uniform, I realized it wasn’t that the jersey wasn’t that big of a deal. Too many of the athletic kids put an extreme emphasis on the uniforms. In four years, it will all be done, so it’s a good idea not to get attached too much to it. I think if you can play sports, but not base your entire being on a jersey or a team, that’s great. I think that there should be a organization of some sort to help keep the kids humble and mature, while still taking pride in their work, but not being prideful.


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