When boys look like bears, with play-off hair

The Problem With Playoff Hair
By Nicola S.
You’ve seen it on Facebook, you’ve seen it on Twitter, you’ve seen it in the hallways: playoff hair is back at Fredericton High, and it’s receiving a lukewarm welcome.    For those of you who haven’t seen the bleached and shaved heads of the FHS hockey team, you may not know what playoff hair is. Playoff hair is an annual hockey tradition that brings the team together during playoff season. According to Yahoosports.com, players at all levels participate in the playoff hair team building tradition, from house leagues to the NHL.
Although playoff hair seems like a harmless tradition, it is met with much resistance. On Twitter, girls complain saying things like “The worst time of the year is here…playoff hair #Ew”. Other boys who don’t play hockey have hard feelings about the seemingly attention getting attempts of the hockey players as well. One of the many tweets opposing the tradition read “#Playoffhair just another reason for the hockey boys to be more cocky than they already are.” This leads to animosity between hockey players and boys who play other sports or who do not play sports at all because they feel left out. It is a tradition that excludes others.
Even some boys on the FHS hockey team do not participate in the tradition, saying it is pointless and dumb. This, in a way, defeats the purpose of the team building experience when only some of the players are sporting freakish hairstyles. That is not the only problem either, out of school the players attract stares and whispers because nobody knows them as “the boys from the hockey team” as they are known within the halls of FHS. They just look like attention seeking teenagers and are sometimes judged or looked down upon.
As an alternative to this distracting tradition, the boys on hockey teams could do other team building activities that do not require altering their appearances. That way, they can still be a family without standing out in a crowd in a negative way. I’ll say it for all of us, playoff hair…get lost!

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