When washrooms make us sick

by Lauren Y.
In Fredericton High School, I believe that the school should make an investment to update the washrooms. Students are commenting on how dysfunctional they can be; stating that many toilets do not work as best as they could, locks are not working properly and foist taps are not working.
The students want this to change; the ice cold water to wash their hands is definitely not keeping them clean. This is something they need; they are demanding for the changes to be made. Spending money on something so important like this should not  be so ignored or brushed under the rug.
Many staff members would argue that changes in the washrooms should not be made simply because some students do not respect it by vandalizing the washroom stalls. Perhaps the school’s budget may be going towards something more important or, do not have enough money to cover the costs of improving the washrooms.
If changes are not made students and staff have a high risk of becoming sick; the washrooms become unsanitary and germs are spread. If we had cleaner washrooms and better working ones people would not slack off and leave messes for other people.
The school needs to realize that these kids would greatly appreciate this and would be very beneficial for them, having a cleaner environment as well as having true privacy while in washrooms. Saying no to the kids is unfair, people who do respect that space deserve good washrooms, in good working condition with warm water that will actually kill the germs off their hands. It is the school’s job to provide a safe and clean environment and not making changes is unacceptable.
However, the cleaning staff of Fredericton High does their job by cleaning and sanitizing the washrooms. This is not a problem and we appreciate their work they do to keep us healthy. When something is broken they do fix it but things could very well be better off replaced.
The washrooms , a problem to the students but not to the staff. Coming together and talking about this issue would help sort what needs to be done and what does not.

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