Killing creativity with standardized schooling

Standardized schooling system and how it kills creativity

By Scott M

School in modern times dictates who is “smart”, which is not being relative to everyone, but what society dictates as “smart”.  People who are smart are not necessary school smart but smart in their own way. School smart is just a fancy way of saying someone is good at memorizing and remembering useless facts and formulas and a good test writer. Having to conform to school smart disallows people to display their strengths in other areas and shies away from people being creative in their leaning because school is standardized for everyone’s general knowledge in textbook and math courses.

School is a mandatory standardized educational system set in place by the government to dictates how and where you will go in your life. If you do well, the world is your playground and you can go and do whatever you want as a post-secondary education. But if you are not as good at memorizing or a bad at taking tests, you’re labeled as dumb or stupid. Doing badly on tests and exams limits you on what you can do after high school in life. Today’s society places such a heavy emphasis on doing good and having a good final grade that it causes loads of stress on each individual person because tests and exams indirectly control people’s lives and can cause anxiety for people because they spend all their time studying because of the pressure society and peers places on students.

School is standardized so that it’s as fair to everyone as it can be. Everyone takes the same test. Seams fair enough, but it’s not. No two people are alike and everyone has their own strengths. Think of it like this, the assignment is the same for everyone but not everyone can compete in it fairly, the task is to climb a tree, simple enough task for sporty types or skinny people, but what about people with physical disabilities or that are not physically fit. They fail because they can’t climb the tree.  School is the same way, if you can’t conform to what society has dictated to what is “smart” you fail. With no flexibility, we create a batch of students coming fresh out of high school with the same general useless knowledge, with no flexibility to branch off of what is normal, society puts down thinking outside the box and kills creativity with standardization because we are discouraged to think outside of the normal with this system in place. Although this is more of an issue in the USA, every school faces this problem, FHS is no exception. No matter how smart you may be in certain fields, if you’re not a good test writer, you’ll never do well in school.

This is a huge challenge to accommodate students with different styles of learning and test taking, almost impossible in this current place in the school system because we would have to change the system completely. School districts don’t have to budget to assist students individually and create a different testing system for each individual students’ strengths. FHS has almost 2000 students and teachers already over work and are underpaid enough as it is, there is no way they could help every student in this way. If schools made some science textbook courses and math not as mandatory for graduation and allowed students to take what they enjoyed, students would attend and maybe even combat dropout rates.


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