The value of on-line tests?

Online Testing, Valuable Tool? Or Nuisance Among Students?
By Kyle O.
Teachers at FHS have started using online quizzes in their classes and some students are not taking a liking to this new form of test.
Most students are quite familiar with the internet and technology, but apparently mixing stressful tests with an online format has not been well accepted by our students.  Some don’t enjoy the fact that it adds to their homework, some simply prefer a sheet of paper in front of them to mark on rather than a computer screen.
One FHS student says “I don’t see why we don’t just write them in class like we normally do, I don’t feel like writing a test when I get home.  We get homework so that we can practice the work and understand our class better, but tests should just be written during class, I think this is taking it a bit too far.”
Another underlying issue with these tests is that there is no way for students to receive clarification about questions when they are at home away from their teacher.  The fact that the test is entirely unsupervised also makes it much easier for students taking the test to cheat, although usually the teacher will design the test to be open book.
FHS student Jeff Liera-hood says “Teachers shouldn’t make students do online test because of a lack of help at home.”
There are also students who don’t mind these tests as well.  Some students find it beneficial to be in the comfort of their own home while writing their test.  Writing these tests outside of class time also creates more class time for the student to ask questions about the things they don’t understand.
Clearly there are two sides to this issue, and it is hard to say which has the most merit.  There are both advantages and disadvantages to online testing, a compromise might be to give students the option to either write all of their tests at school, either during class time or another time if necessary, or to do the online tests if they have no problem with them.
In the end, whether it be online or not, students will still be tested for the same basic knowledge, and although some may find it easier one way or another, there aren’t any teachers who use only one method or the other, and most do not use online testing at all.  Online testing could be proven as a valuable tool, we can’t say for sure whether it will become an integrated part of our school curriculum, or if it will fall to the wayside through bad reception among students.

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