By Tyrone C.

Grade 12 is a turbulent time for each and every student attending high school and the teachers do not make it any easier for them.
Attending a post-secondary institution used to be a choice. Before, students could choose if they wanted to go to a college or university, with their decision being based on whether they were ready, willing, and able to do so. Now, there’s really no choice at all. It’s a right of passage to graduate from high school. You graduated from high school? Big deal. Nobody cares about that because now it’s time for you to step into university or college if you’d like to “accomplish anything at all“, or so some people say.
But you see, the problem isn’t that graduating from high school means little in today’s world, the problem is that nobody helps you on your way to a post-secondary institution, assuming you actually want to attend. But, hey, you know what they say about assumptions. I have met so many teachers over the years who proclaimed that they were helping me and my fellow students out by tricking us. The classic bait and switch technique. They tell you that you’re to be treated as an adult, taking responsibility for everything you do. As well, they give you a ludicrous amount of rules and lots of assignments because they’re “preparing you for university“. Says who?
Telling people that you’re going to help them ease into a post-secondary place and doing the exact opposite is just wrong. I had an English teacher who told me on numerous occasions that by giving me a lot of assignments, not allowing me to use my Apple iPad to jot down notes or allowing me to talk to friends for help that she was helping me. Ten seconds later, she was telling the class of her amazing time at university and how she was a great student. Hello, ma’am, but isn’t university really relaxed? Professors don’t care about the students because at the drop of a hat they might be out of the course. iPads, cell phones and even video and sound recording are encouraged because the professor is going to skip to the next slide on the PowerPoint whether or not you are finished.
At my school, Fredericton High School, teachers prevent you from using these devices and then pretend to be surprised when their students have either not copied down the notes or have no idea what to say when called upon. You can’t do it half-way. You can’t prepare, and I use the term loosely, students for a post-secondary institution and then restrict what they can and cannot use to assist them in learning. It’s either a) you quit lying and tell the students that you’re going to teach how you want to teach, whether or not it helps them out, or b) you allow them to use what they need in a class environment and don’t handcuff them. Because in a real setting, the professor is going to baby you, but he’s also not going to be a real pain who tries to further frustrate you at a time when everyone is on edge, hoping to be accepted into a school or job.
In conclusion, it’s not a knock on the teaching or the teachers, it’s just the methods they use to completely befuddle the students that they’re “preparing“ for the next level of education. Teachers, please, just make up your minds and decide if you’d like to prepare students for the REAL setting of university and/or college or just tell the God honest truth, like we all want you to.

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