Andrew Rutledge, son of teachers, now teaches at FHS


By Madison G.

It was the year 1997 when Andrew Rutledge graduated Fredericton High school. After graduating most people never return to their high school again. Not Rutledge.

Andrew Rutledge grew up around teachers. His parents were also teachers at FHS and most of their friends were teachers. Ever since a young age Rutledge knew he wanted to be a teacher.

In grade two his parents asked what he wanted to be when he was older. “I want to be a retired teacher” was his response.

When Rutledge was in high school he claims he was just a “regular dude”. He was a basketball player but he wasn’t a “jock”. Rutledge said he wasn’t very popular throughout high school. He had his own group of friends but they weren’t the cool kids.

While in grade eleven he failed his physics class. He got a 56% and went to summer school. The next year he decided to take physics again where he had Mr.Dunfield as a teacher. This time he got an 86%. He says his strongest subjects were History and English, which comes to no surprise considering that is what he teaches.

Back when Rutledge was in High School, he found the behavior was a lot different than it is now. He remember himself and fellow students being more behaved and less distracted. He thinks there was less media influence back then, and that was a good thing. He also thought students behaved better because of their parents. He believes parenting has changed.

“Back then, your parents would get mad at you, not the school or your teachers” said Rutledge.

Students may have behaved better in class then, but outside of class the students weren’t always friendly. Rutledge remembers high school having more clicks. There was more animosity between the north side and south side because they were all in the same school.

He also found classes were less interactive. The classes involved more lectures and notes, with less discussions and hardly any resources such as videos and powerpoints. Also, the class times were longer. There were four 75 minute classes a day.

After finishing his time in FHS as a high school student, Rutledge went on to UNB where he majored in History. After that he got his Bachelor of Education. Once finishing university he began teaching at Leo Hayes. After a few years there he got a new job at Fredericton High school, where he found the students more behaved. Though he just moved to a school on the other side of the river, he found they were very different.

He loves teaching at FHS. He says the only way he would leave is if he could get a better job, as a Vice Principal at a different school. Rutledge is currently teaching grade 10 history and English, as well as grade 11 English.

“I had Mr. Rutledge for History (10) and English (11), I preferred him much more for English. He’s a funny guy” says John MacLean.

Rutledge is currently finishing up his Masters degree at UNB. He plans to stay at FHS for a long time.

“FHS holds some of the best and brightest students” said Rutledge.


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