Former FHS Students become teachers at FHS: Ginger Nicholson

Looking back, teachers then and now

By Scott M.


Ms. Nicholson, current teacher at FHS, took many different paths before making her way back to her own high school to teach students.

Ginger Nicholson was a productive, keeping the doors open student, taking every opportunity she could get to make as many opinions open for her when she was ready to finally leave high school behind and move onto post-secondary education. As a student Nicholson really liked the math and science courses. With all the maths and sciences covered, she could go into almost anything she wanted in university with the marks to back her up.

Nicholson didn’t start out wanting to be a teacher; rather she worked her way through to a business degree, focusing on accounting. She held an accounting job for six years before considering becoming a teacher. As a kid Nicholson had decided she wanted to work with other kids when she grew up. Taking that into account she went back to university and worked toward a teaching degree. Nicholson started out with elementary kids, as per the process of getting her degree, taking an internship teaching math and science to a local middle school.

Once the degree was finally done, a job had opened up at Leo Hayes High School for one term teaching business courses to students there while another teacher was out on leave. Once Nicholson finished the term at Leo Hayes High School, a job had opened up at Fredericton High School to teach math and science and business. Armed with her business degree, Nicholson applied for the job. Having the two degrees gave her enough of an edge to get the job. Nicholson first started teaching math and science, then into math and business courses.

Now that Nicholson is a teacher at Fredericton High School, she can clearly see the generational gap difference between the students when she went to school and the students who go to school now. Nicholson commented that clicks and groups were a lot more prominent then they were now. Nicholson said that if you didn’t wear the right cloths and have the right hair styles you would be ridiculed and out casted by the other girls, it was tough. Now it seems like its fewer groups like and everyone accepts each other.

To get a deeper look on Nicholson’s teaching, I asked Brandon Crowther, student of Nicholson’s 110 entrepreneurship class “Do you feel her teaching style reached her audience well enough to educate them on what she was teaching through her methods, styles etc.”, in which he responded with “I feel like she was a great teacher the low-mid level students but struggled to connect with a lot of the more gifted ones”. This may be because the root of her education comes from teaching kids and middle school aged people.


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