Mr. Andrew Culberson returns to his roots

Former Student Returns to FHS

By Danielle M.


Mr. Andrew Culberson, a former student at Fredericton High School, has returned to the school to work, along with a few former classmates.


Mr. Culberson graduated in June of 1998 at Fredericton High School. He has attended FHS for the last two years of his high school career.

“I have attended a high school in PEI as well as Fredericton High.” He said.


Enjoying his time here was very important to him as well as working hard and taking part in school activities.

“I took part in rugby and Youth for Christ, and I made lots of friends and learned a lot of stuff. There were so many opportunities to take advantage of and lots of courses and clubs to choose from.” Mr. Culberson said.

He was friends with other former students that now work here as well.

“I was friends with Mr. Cook, Mrs. Lange, and Mr. Daigle in school before we all worked here. It’s cool that were all still friends and work together.” He said.

Choosing to come back and work at FHS was out of his hands when looking for a Guidance Counseling job, but being back was definitely a good thing in his books.

“I was a guidance counselor at Leo Hayes until a job opened up at FHS. I applied and got in, so I quit at Leo and here I am.” Mr. Culberson said. “I like being back at FHS; so much has changed like cellphones are a big thing now, new teachers even though some are still the same, and the curriculum. I love my job and I love working with high school students, and its different being a counselor instead of a student.”

Some things about the school are still the same and will always be the same.

“The sense of community that is there is huge and there is always something for everyone in the school to take part in.” He said.

Current student Alysia Comeau who is in grade eleven agrees.

“The school definitely has a sense of community and I like that about it. I also love how there are so many courses and clubs to choose from. We’re such an awesome school that Leo Hayes sends some of their students here to take our courses.” She said. “I have taken every opportunity I have received and it resulted in me having amazing high school years.”


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