Mr Rick Hull: the Runner who Became the Teacher

Getting Lost in the History of Fredericton High School

By Daniel K.

Current students of Fredericton High School think that their school is crowded, but there used to be about a thousand more students yearly than there are now. Rick Hull, current teacher at Fredericton High School, used to be one of those odd three-thousand students when the school was only a year old in 1973. Him and his other potential graduates came from their previous location of George Street, which was a much smaller institute back then.

“FHS was in a league of its’ own. In those days, we had about three-thousand students, and so, uh, it was a bit overwhelming,” Rick Hull said in an interview. Rick Hull also had met his wife during his last year at FHS, and is still currently married to her.

The immense size of Fredericton High School gave it almost majestic and grand feel, welcoming massive amounts of young minds into its embrace. Most students who first arrive at the high school cannot find their way for the first week or so, just like Rick Hull, who had to receive assistance from another student to help him reach his classes.

However, not every student can have the amount of help that Rick Hull had upon arriving at Fredericton High School. Most would consider his transfer of schools part-way through his high school education a blessing, as he came over with people that he already knew and could depend on when he needed help. “What helped me more than the average student was that I was in Cross-Country and Track-and-Field. I already knew a few people here, and, that sense of belonging or connection to the school [Fredericton High School] was there before I ever entered the, high school [Fredericton High School].

However, Rick Hull was not always a student at George Street. Before his education there, he attended Kingsclear, but moved over before the move to Fredericton High School. “I originally went to Kingsclear, so there was a little bit of a transition when I went to George Street [School], and eventually Fredericton High [School].”

Despite his troubles with moving to a new school, Rick Hull still returned to Fredericton High School to be a teacher. “Both my parents were teachers, and, it sort of seemed like something that I was accustomed to, and though they encouraged me, it was not something that was insisted on to be my decision. I was also inspired by a lot of great teachers through my school years, and saw how they made a difference in my life, and I sort of wanted to build on the legacy they left me, and, some of my happiest memories happened when I was a teenager occurred when I was a student at Fredericton High [School], so to be able to come and work here has been as much play as work.”

Rick Hull is able to identify with and understand a student’s problems, and help them overcome the problems. “I’ve always prided myself on being empathetic, and, uh, I try to see individuals from where he or she is coming from, realizing that, uh, my perspective is not the only one. I also value the interests, the talents, the insights, and the abilities that each student brings here because I hope to learn from them as they learn from me every day I step foot into this school.”

There are few teachers in our province who can say they have the same kind of backstory that Rick Hull has for teaching. From moving to the facility right after it was built, to meeting his wife, and then to becoming a teacher at the very same school many years later, Rick Hull has definitely made a name for himself at Fredericton High School.


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