Returning to her Roots: Mrs. Saba Morales tells how FHS shaped her life

Teachers Return to FHS
by Kieran S.
Though many of us students walk the halls awaiting our final day in our senior year, many of us will want to stay, just as many of our teachers have after graduating.
Mrs. Saba Morales is one of many teachers who have returned to teach at Fredericton High School after attending it themselves.
To many students it may seem like a dreadful idea to return to high school, but with the amount of students returning to teach, they must have it wrong. For Mrs. Morales there were many different factors in her decision to return.   “I became a teacher because I like being surrounded by youth, and I am really passionate about languages, communicating with others, and worldwide cultures.” said Mrs. Morales. “I want to share this enthusiasm with upcoming generations, and hopefully help some students find their path in life.”
Mrs. Morales has done a great job at inspiring students at FHS so far.   “She’s the best french teacher I’ve ever had.” said student, John Maclean. “She made learning a lot more fun than other teachers.”
FHS has changed drastically since Mrs. Morales attended it as a student, which has left her pleased.

“FHS was different when I was a teenager in the way that the multiculturalism and the acceptance thereof was almost non-existent.” said Morales. “I, with a handful of other students, was the multiculturalism in this school, and I grew up in Fredericton. I think we have come a long way.”

Though times were tough back then for multicultural students, Morales found comfort in the school’s production.

“My favourite memory of being in high school was being involved with production.” said Mrs. Morales. “I started in grade 10 with make-up, and then continued there in grade eleven and twelve, in addition to having a small leading role in grade twelve. I made some good friends, some of which I am still super close with.”

Along with favourite memories that are held within the FHS doors came favourite subjects, of which Mrs. Morales had many.

“I think my favourite subject was a toss up between English and Spanish, although grade 11 History with Mrs. Allaby and 120 Sociology with Mr. McTavish were pretty memorable and interesting as well.” Mrs. Morales said. “The majority of my teachers in high school were great, and therefore I found subject matter to be interesting; even in courses that I didn’t excel in, like Math and Science, some of the teachers made it really interesting, and pushed me to want to learn something. I also really enjoyed my Journalism 120 class with Mr. Gange; I improved my writing remarkably that semester, which helped when I went on to university.”

Though Mrs. Morales had many favourite subjects, there was one teacher that stood out to her.

“My favourite teacher was Mrs. Cheryl Robertson. I originally started doing production make-up with her when I was in grade 10, and continued until this day.” said Mrs. Morales. “She continued on to be my grade 11 English teacher, and then one of my cooperating teachers when I did my education degree when I was an intern at FHS. I think she was my favourite teacher because of her sweet demeanour. She taught me a lot about teaching, and I think about life too.”


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