Teachers Return: Mrs. Leidy Fox is all heart

It’s all about heart for Mrs. Aleida Fox

By Chris R

Mrs. Aleida Fox is a guidance counsellor at Fredericton High School and has been working in the school system for almost 35 years. There’s one thing has gotten her through it all, her love for the kids.

Early in her life, Aleida had a rough go at life. Her father passed away at age 5, and at age 10 her mother passed away. Aleida knew she had two options, either go the wrong way with life, or use what she had learned from a young age to help other kids going through rough times.

It was at this time in her life she decided to become a teacher. “I knew from an early point on in my life, I wanted to help other kids that were going through rough things, and help them get through it. Because I know what it’s like at a young age to go through rough stuff, and it’s horrible.” Aleida said.  She said that she has always had a place in her heart for those going through difficulties, and if you sit down and talk with her, you will realize it as well. “Like I said before, I’ve always had a place in my heart for struggling people. Everyday when those kids would walk through the doors of my school, whether it is when I was a principal, guidance counsellor, or teacher, I would give each one of them a hug and let them know what love feels like, because I knew they weren’t getting it anywhere else.” Aleida said. Aleida admitted to saying that showing the love to those kids that wore the mask of hate, melted their hate.

After, I asked Aleida how she thinks that FHS has changed since she attended back in the 70’s. “Obviously, there’s been a decrease in the overall population since the 70’s with the new addition of Leo Hayes. Also, the tech class options for the grade 9’s are gone. I wish they had more options like they offer in grade 11 offered to the grade 9’s.” Aleida said. “You can never let someone know to early how to cook or clean or take care of a child. The kids come into the school at 14-15 and then graduate at 17-18. That doesn’t give them a lot of time to prepare for the outside world.” Aleida said. “I also think that when I went (to FHS), the teacher looked at the kid differently than they do today. Today I find that the teachers talk right to the child, and teach the child with more of a personal feel, rather than talking to a huge class. It almost makes the kid feel more involved and appreciated.” Aleida said.

Aleida says that she always has, and still does, find FHS a safe place to be. “Our teachers do a great job at providing a safe environment for the kids. They’ve really cracked down on the bad stuff going on, and provided a safe place for the kids to go to school.” Aleida said. “Mr. Thomas and all the staff here at FHS provide a great learning environment for the kids. I can’t emphasize it enough. I love this place.” Aleida said. “But if was to make one criticism about FHS, it would just be that the grade 9ers are provided with more options for academics, instead of just taking all the compulsory courses.” Aleida said.

When talking about retirement, Aleida had one thing to say. “I was to retire 3 years ago, but I’m still here. What does that say Chris?”


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