Teachers Return: Ms Connie Cameron gets high praise

FHS: Then and Now
By Desirae W.

“She was the best teacher I’ve ever had,” said Ashley Baisley about her former Child Studies and Nutrition teacher, Connie Cameron.

Being a former student of Fredericton High School herself, Connie Cameron is now a teacher. She currently teaches Child Studies and Nutrition and has been doing so for many years. She is said to be a great teacher by many of her students.
“Not only was she an amazing teacher, but she was also a good friend. This made the learning experience in her classes that much better.” said Ashley Baisley. Connie is not only loved by her students, she also reciprocates the love of teaching. “I love it, love it, love it.” said Connie Cameron.
The fact that Connie is so passionate about teaching is what leads her to have such a great relationship with her students. In the past she had teachers at Fredericton High School that shaped the way she teaches today.
“I had a teacher that told long exaggerated stories. So I never wanted to lie to my students like he did.” said Connie. Her experience at FHS as a teenager have changed the way she behaves as a teacher. It also changes the way that she sees students, because they are so different from how her and her peers used to act when they were in high school.
“Students attitudes about schooling are different than when I was in high school. Also students have a greater sense of entitlement.” said Connie. Connie also said that she loved FHS when she was a student there. While she is now the favorite teacher of many students, Connie also had a favorite teacher when she was at FHS.
“George Barry. He taught Geography 120. He was awesome, funny and made the course fun.” said Connie. It seems as if Connie has followed in the footsteps of her former favorite teacher. Returning to FHS, however, wasn’t what Connie had originally planned for herself.
“I started supplying at every school, teaching every subject. I got calls to FHS and on the first day I knew it was for me. I liked older kids and teaching high school. Small children scare me, they’re sticky.” said Connie.
Connie Cameron is a teacher who is herself in the classroom and it helps her to develop relationships with her students. She enjoyed Fredericton High School when she was a teenager, she said, and continues to enjoy it today. Connie would also like everyone to know one last thing about her from her FHS years. Connie said “I did not hang out at the mountain.”

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