Teachers Return: Ms. Linda Nelson

From one of the largest grad classes, to making a difference one-on-one

by Lauren Y.          

The former Frederiton High School student, Linda Nelson has come back to the halls she once walked in with her friends 1988.

Graduating with more than 1,000 people, one 0f Fredericton High School’s biggest grad class of the time has come back to the school but this time not as a student. Mrs. Nelson is currently a resource teacher on the middle floor in the shop wing to be exact. She said “I came back to Fredericon High School because it was so fimilar to me. I very much enjoyed going here”.

High School is a place filled with new faces and possibly new friendships. ” I deffiantly liked the social aspect of things the most. You never had the same group of people in one class so that made it pretty easy to meet tons of new people.

Besides the people the classes were also very different and many we never hear of until we are sitting in that very class. When you hit your last two years it gives you a chance to take classes that you want to or find an interest in. Classes such as, law, sociology, journalism, world issues, and psychology are ones to many of us are new and something we have not learn about before. ” By far my favorite class would have to be psychology with Diane Stephensons . This class was not something I needed for my future career but was someting that struck interest in me.

Students primiarly take courses they need to take in order to get into certain schools after High School, or some that will somewhat further their education. First things, you will need to know what you would like to do or have an idea. For Mrs. Nelson it was not very hard. She knew she always wanted to become a teacher however she has a soft spot for students who struggled academically and thought being in resource would b the best fitting job for her.

” Mrs. Nelson is one of the “cooler” resource teachers here. She shows an interest in truely helping me. Someone who you can get help from and is also there for you when you need someone to talk to or support. That is why I like having her as my resource student” says student.

Linda Nelson has deffiantly helped many students in her career and still strives for more. She has truely always been a FHS Black Kat and will continue being one as a teacher .


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