Teachers Return to their Roots: Mr. Ritchie Wright

Mr. Wright: The Untold Story
by Kyle O.
  Ritchie Wright is one of FHS’ most beloved technology teachers, and his story follows him from his years attending the school he now teaches at.
  Mr. Wright teaches technology in the E-wing of our school.  He is now an important part of our school, but he was once a student here as well.  Many students have good things to say about Mr. Wright, which would partly explain why upon entering his class at lunch time you can find a large group of students using his classroom computer lab.
  “Mr. Wright is one of my favourite teachers, we could sit in his class and do nothing and he wouldn’t care as long as we got our work done by the end of the semester” says former student Vladi Yaroslavski.  Although technology is clearly not his favourite subject, he still likes the way the course was taught by Mr. Wright.  He has always enjoyed Wright’s class, although he’s not one of the students playing Warcraft at lunch every day in his computer lab.


  As a student Ritchie’s favourite part of high school was playing sports.  He enjoyed playing hockey and baseball for the school and on his free time.  This fact is slightly ironic because he now teaches technology, which is kind of the opposite skill set.  He also says, however, that he was always interested in technology, and that passion followed him through his life after high school.
  “School is school, as far as being a student it is the same” said Wright after being asked what has stayed the same about FHS since he was a student.  It seems that being a student has always been rough and held the same general idea as far as our school system goes.

Wright also says that Cameron went to FHS at the same time that he did.  I thought this was pretty interesting, and wondered what kind of differences they might have in perspective on FHS.

Upon being asked what has changed about the school, he replied that the biggest difference is the size of the student population.  There were smaller graduating classes and less courses offered than there is now.  This would have made for slightly less opportunities in areas such as technology, but his passion for it did not falter.

  Some things have stayed the same, some have changed, but FHS is still the same old school, whether you like it or not.  Clearly some people do like it quite a bit, however, if they are to come back to teach for their career.  Teachers have a tough job, and should be appreciated for the hard work that they do.


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