Two Generations of Daleys at FHS

Two Generations of Daley at Fredericton High School

By Emily M.

Fredericton High School’s Phys Ed teacher Kevin Daley looks back fondly on his time as both a student and an educator at the high school. He has spent the better part of the last 30 years in in halls and gyms of the high school and wouldn’t have it any other way. “I loved it here as a student” says Daley “I hated to leave, so I never actually did”.

Life at Fredericton High School was incredibly different in 1976 than it is today in 2013, but the perception of school in a student’s mind is something that has remained untouched by time. “My favorite thing about the day was 3:09” said Daley “That was the end of the 7th period day” he continued. Phys Ed class was also something he remembers enjoying as a student, and claims it to have been his favorite class.

“Phys Ed and Geography surprisingly, I wouldn’t have cared much for Geography except for that Mr. Barrie was my favorite teacher” said Daley. He also mentions the activity in which all the boys engaged in as one of his more funny memories, “we used to stand at the bar and watch the girls walk by” he said in a laughing tone. The generation gap became quickly evident when I required an explanation as to what that meant, “All of the guys used to stand on the sides of the cafeteria and form a tunnel of sorts as girls walked into the cafeteria” said Daley.

His return to his alma mater was an easy decision when he was offered a job in the Phys Ed department on his own graduation night. Once a star of the hockey team himself, the department head was looking for someone young to come in and take over the program. Mr. Daley snapped at the chance and never left the school. Over his time at Fredericton High school, Mr. Daley has coached many a sport including hockey. Currently, he coaches cross country in the fall, newly entered the Variety women’s basketball program in the winter and then track and field in the spring.  Although he says cross country is his favorite sport to coach, he has enjoyed being involved so closely with the athletic experiences all 4 of his children have had on various FHS basketball teams. It has been equally great for the kids to have had their father so closely involved in their athletics. “Having my dad at FHS has made my experience better because I know I can always go to him when I need help at school or if I need anything there is a comfort in knowing that he is just downstairs” said Katie Daley, the youngest Daley child. She is the fourth of four children to pass through the halls of FHS, after sister Kelsey (2005 graduate), sister Robbie (2009 graduate) and brother Tyler (2011 graduate).

The Daley legacy has been carried out for two generations now, including their mother who was also an FHS graduate. “I basically grew up in the school” said Katie Daley “Whether it were at a siblings sporting event or a snow day in the open gym or time spent in dads office, I had spent so much time here before I was even a student”.



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