Teachers Return: Kristin O’Rourke found her niche at her old high school

FHS news story:
Kristin O’Rourke
By Nicola S.

She’s direct and she speaks her mind.
She’s friendly and outgoing.
No students are reluctant to step in to her classroom because she makes learning fun in a relaxed way.

Kristin O’Rourke is a very beloved teacher at FHS, and for some very good reasons.       Miss O’Rourke was a student at Fredericton High School from 1997-2000, and she said her favorite teachers helped her realize what kind of a teacher she wanted to be. “I try to treat my students like adults and not like kids, I don’t baby them, I try to help them be independent.” Said Miss O’Rourke.

Students speak highly of Miss O’Rourke because of her openness and honesty, among other things.
“She really listens to us when we talk and she doesn’t beat around the bush, her class is always interesting.” Said Lauren Hill, who took sociology from Miss O’Rourke.

O’Rourke spoke fondly of her time at FHS. She said the activities and events now are mostly the same, and when she came back to the school as a teacher she didn’t feel like she had been gone for as long as she had.
“There were more students when I went here, and the teachers were older than they are now, but alot of things are the same.” She said.

When Miss O’Rourke went to FHS her favorite subjects were law and history. One year, she even had her own father as a math teacher. Steve O’Rourke had taught at FHS since Miss O’Rourke was 6 years old.      Kristin O’Rourke enjoyed having her father as a teacher but sometimes it made things difficult. “I couldn’t do anything because my Dad worked here so I always got in double the trouble. I skipped an assembly once and I got detention and got grounded.” She said. “My dad always asked the school police officer about anyone who called the house.”

O’Rourke was originally drawn to teaching because her father was so positive and he clearly loved his job.
She said, “I love to learn so I tried volunteering at Priestman Street Elementary during my undergrad and I discovered I love teaching but little kids aren’t my strength.”

O’Rourke came to FHS to teach because she felt family ties and it was the only high school she really knew. “I liked the athletic department, the big school feel, and all the opportunities here.” She said about FHS.      No matter what class they have her for, all students seem to enjoy Miss O’Rourke.

“She’s an awesome teacher and I can tell she’s a really good person.” Said Craig Macmillan, who had O’Rourke for homeroom for half a year. “I wish I still had her, she was the best.”


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