Teachers Return: Mrs. Alice Sewell, one of the first to attend this FHS building

Alice Sewell

By Weston M.

 It was almost like yesterday that Mrs. Alice Sewell walked the hallways of Fredericton High as a student; now around 30 years later, she walks the hallways as a math teacher.

Mrs. Alice Sewell said, “Back in the day, in the mid-1970s there was only one high school so we all went to the same school, it was our only option.”

If one were to go back in the past than they would instantly notice how different Fredericton High was. Mrs. Alice Sewell was one of the first at the new building which is the school that we have today but, it was still very different.

“First part of Grade 10 was at George Street, there was no district office or mentor and alternative education at the school; even the cafeteria was different, they were just individual tables and not in rows,” said Mrs. Alice Sewell.

The academic system was also very different as she recalls.

“You had to choose between 3 very different streams: academic, commercial, and industrial; you would stay with these until you graduated,” she said.

When asked about what was in style back in the mid 1970’s, she said that it was very different but still kind of recognizable to us even today.

“The long hair is pretty recognizable as you can imagine; the music that people listened to was Rod Stewart, that’s all I can recall as my memory is fading,” Mrs. Alice Sewell said.

She was very reluctant to say that she absolutely loves her job and loves coming in every single day to teach. A lot has to do with the wonderful students that she gets to teach every day, she mentioned. She was also quick to point out that becoming a math teacher and teaching at Fredericton High weren’t exactly her plans.

“I always has the idea in the back of mind that I wanted to become a math teacher but I never thought in a million years that I would be teaching at the very school that I went to for my high school education,” she said.

Mrs. Alice Sewell is a favourite among many students at Fredericton High School; Vladi Yaroslavski a student at Fredericton High had nothing but good things to say about her.

“She really is super awesome, she is the best if not one of the best math teachers that I have had the pleasure of teaching me; I thoroughly enjoyed her class, it was excellent,” he said.

Vladi Yaroslavski was also very quick to comment on how Mrs. Sewell has the ability that some teachers do not have, and that us being able to form connections with their students.

“She was so understanding and helpful, whenever I needed help she would always take the time and explain stuff in the simplest but yet most in depth way possible; she really understands everybody,” he said.

So there it is, Mrs. Alice Sewell one of the great math teachers of Fredericton High. No one really knows when she will throw in the towel but hopefully it’s not for some time as she is one of the great, if the not the greatest math teacher at Fredericton High


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