Teachers Return: Mrs. Diane Goodwin says she fell into teaching

Diane Goodwin sees success and opportunities in students

By Alison M.


In  1982, Diane Goodwin is finishing her final year at Fredericton high school. Unbeknownst to Goodwin, she would be returning to the highs school one day as a teacher.

Diane Goodwin has fond memories of walking home from school on sunny afternoons and taking home economics classes with Mrs. Louis.

“I was always an independent student,” said Goodwin, “I never joined any sports teams or clubs.”

However, Diane always had a part time job after school. She has worked since she was twelve years old; initially at corner stores and later at Consumers Distributing, which is no longer in business.

Following high school, Diane Goodwin attended the University of New Brunswick where she earned her Bachelors of Education followed by her Masters of Education. In 2011, Diane decided to further her education and traveled to University of Regina to earn her Masters of Administration in Leadership.

It was never Goodwin’s goal to become a teacher, it was mostly because of the way the programs were at the time.

“I fell into it,” said Goodwin, “I didn’t mean to be a teacher.”

In 1994, Diane Goodwin began teaching at Fredericton High School.   The classroom where Goodwin currently teaches grade nine and ten science was once the classroom where she was taught physics over thirty years ago. Goodwin says she loves to teach at a great school with great kids.

Diane Goodwin believes that the school has really changed since she was a student. Goodwin said that students smoke less as there are no smoking areas at the school. Furthermore, Goodwin believes that computers and technology has advanced and has become more vibrant.

Goodwin also feels that she has a better connection with the school and the students because she grew up in Fredericton.

Diane Goodwin believes that the school and the students and the experiences they go through have changed the most.

“Although many students may go through tough times and have more problems today, I feel that students have more opportunities to succeed then back then.”


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