Teachers Return to FHS: Ms. Debbie McIntyre

FHS 40 years – Ms. McIntyre

By Soo P.

Ms. McIntyre, who is presently a beloved and respected English teacher at FHS, was once a student of the school herself.

She graduated one of 720 students of Class of 1980, since the graduating class was made up with such a big number of students, it was hard even to know who she was graduating with.

“There were so many people at the graduation, that when somebody was on stage, we hardly knew their faces, or me and my friends were surprised that a guy who we thought was in grade 10 was actually in our graduating class” said McIntyre.

Ms McIntyre also mentioned that the events and schedules are lot more organized now than what it used to be. The graduation ceremony was also different. There were no graduation gown or hat; there were only self brought/bought dresses for girls and tuxedo for guys, “I remember how girls had to buy two dresses: one for prom and one for graduation ceremony”.

Now in 2013, the size of graduating class is around 400 students, that is about half the size of what it used to be in 1980. Also, the student body of whole Fredericton High School is estimated to be little over 2000 people, however in 1980, Ms McIntyre remembers FHS having student population of over 4000 people.

“There were 2 separate lunch hours because there were too much students in one building, they couldn’t possibly let everyone out of class at the same period.” As now, where there are more than enough rooms and spaces for every students in lunch hour or basically, any period of the day, this fact is very different from what students of FHS are used to in 21st century.

Not only the school events or lunch hour, but the school season was totally different too. In most parts of Canada now, schools have 2 semesters, which starts in September and ends in June. However, in 1980, the time when Ms McIntyre was graduating FHS, there was school all year round; even in summer. She also remembers about her exam and how much she disliked it.

“The exam was right before Christmas, and it ruined the holiday for us, because I would keep thinking about the bad exams I wrote. Also, my birthday is right before the Christmas holiday, so I always had to write exams on my birthday.”

When asked why she came back to FHS, she plainly said, “I have a job as a teacher, and I love my students”. After 30 years of graduation, Deborah McIntyre is still in a same building of FHS, being a favorite teacher of many students of a younger generation.


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