Full of Hell Album Review

full of hellAlbum Review


Full Of Hell- Rudiments Of Mutilation

by Elwood

After 2011’s The Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home, Full Of Hell took the extreme music world by storm. With an unrelenting mixture of Grindcore, Powerviolence, Black Metal, Screamo, and Hardcore they have unleashed something entirely new on the world. A monster of pure anger and frustration. So having already established themselves as an extreme music powerhouse it’s no surprise that Rudiments Of Mutilation is already shaping up to be album of the year.

It’s still early in the running, but the signs are good. The preorder for the physical copy sold out in less than forty eight hours, and the stream of the album on Terrorizer has gotten thousands of plays. So just what is it that makes this album great? Well let’s start at the beginning.

The opening track Dichotomy is three minutes of painful feedback and noise and sets the tone for the album well. With Dylan (the vocalist) laying down some gut wrenching screams layered on top. It quickly transitions into the song Vessel Deserted about a friend of Dylan’s passing away, this is an older song of theirs that they re-did for the new album, adding some interesting new touches. The song is a good example of traditional FOH song stylings, brutally fast, to crawling sludge, and back again with tons of feedback and fuzz oozing off the sides.

This album, unlike their previous efforts, displays lyrics that instead of being metaphorical are very real and raw. Depicting scenes of the utmost human pain imaginable. After a few short bursts of songs we come to another completely noise track titled Embrace. At a run time of three minutes and thirty seven seconds, not only is it one of the longest tracks on the album but also one of the most unique. The joy in listening to a FOH record for the first time is that you never know just what you’re going to get. Their sound is always the same yet with each song they are able to convey something completely different.

After touring extensively and exploring their capabilities through numerous splits and noise tapes, it is easy to see why the band explores some new frontiers with this album. Focusing less on complicated song structures and more on pure ferocity, pain, and the expression of emotion they take the idea of intensity to a new level. There’s something special in this band. They’re the kind of band people look back on in ten, fifteen, even twenty years, and say how much they changed the face of the game.

Without a doubt I would give this album an 8.5/10. FFO: Man Is The Bastard, Infest, Gasp, Insect Warfare, Cursed. Definitely worth checking out.




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