Believing in Bieber

beiberBelieving in Bieber

By Desirae W.
Justin Bieber
Pop sensation Justin Bieber took the world by storm with his incredible new album, selling 374,000 copies within the first week of it’s debut, according to Billboard 200.
Justin Bieber is 19 years old and from Toronto, Ontario in Canada. He became well know when he began posting videos of him singing on Youtube when he was only 14 years old. Now one of the most famous teen stars in the world, Justin performs and writes all different genres of music. He mostly focuses on pop music, but has recently been teaming up with other musicians and exploring rap music. Justin Bieber is mainly a singer, but he is also talented when playing guitar, piano and drums.
Justin Bieber’s most recent album, Believe, was recorded by Island Records just like most of Justin’s previous albums during January-March of 2012. What caught Justin’s fans off guard was the fact that he explored so many different genres of music in just one album. He collaborated with R&B singers such as Ludacris, Big Sean, Drake and even Nicki Minaj, to give the album an edgier feel from his previous albums. Justin even does quite a bit of rapping himself on the album, which was loved by his fans.
The fact that Justin rapped on his own in the album really stood out for critics and fans. In one of his singles from this album, “Boyfriend” Justin practically raps the entire song. It gives the song a more up-beat feel, and the beats in the song intertwine perfectly with his voice, which makes the song very enjoyable. It’s a song that makes you want to sing along and dance around the house with some friends. Another great song in the album is called “Beauty and a Beat” featuring Nicki Minaj. Mixing Justin’s voice with Nicki’s in this song was a wonderful idea, while Justin actually sang and Nicki did a few measures of rapping, it’s an up-beat song about wanting to be loved, and that finding love and the perfect music is all you’ll ever need.
Believe is definitely a memorably album for Justin Bieber and especially his fans. It’s his album with the most variety and has a song for every type of music lover, which is what makes it loved by people around the world. There are slow song and up beat songs. So if you’re in a down kind of mood and just want some sad tunes to listen to, why not turn on Justin Bieber’s Believe? It’s also good for those late summer nights with friends, when you’re in need of some fats music to go along with your great moods.
Even if Justin Bieber isn’t someones favorite, I guarantee that anyone will love at least one song on this album. I have personally rated it an 9/10, it is a superb album that I enjoy listening to no matter what mood I am in.
Desirae W. is a grade 12 student who attends Fredericton High School.

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