Calling for more from Macklemore

Macklemore-Ryan-LewisMacklemore & Ryan Lewis

By Candice L.
The VS. Ep album 2009
There are many reasons why humans have evolved into listening and playing music. We all enjoy connecting and feeling like we can relate, that we are not alone. Macklemore does an immaculate performance with exhibiting connections throughout his latest album, with all types of people.
We all know the infamous Macklemore and his catchy tune “Thrift Shop”. He came out of no wheres and easily climbed to the top of many music charts and radio station ratings. Macklemore was experiencing a war of his own when he decided to become an artist. He was battling depression. But instead of dealing with it, he concealed the pain with drugs and alcohol abuse, which is what most of the album relates too.
He spent two years abusing illegal substances such as oxi-cotton, which is the apparant reason for him not making much music between 2006 to 2008. However in 2008 Macklemore and Ryan Lewis decided to collaborate an album representing these milestones they overcame.
Ben Haggerty, famously known as Macklemore, had a passion for Hip hop and rap ever since he was exposed to it at six years old.  He started writting his own lyrics at the age of fourteen. Him and his friends spent most of their summers mixing music and rapping to songs they currently liked.
This music is very touching and for some people ( most teenagers) who have wandered off their road and down into a dark path, this album helps provide almost a comforting feeling.  “Otherside” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis is a chilling song, probably one of his best tunes. It speaks about how it all starts with “weed”, and eventually you find yourself stuck spiraling downwards, starting to use heavier substances all for a temporary fix to the bigger picture. Unfortunately this type of scenario doesn’t only happen to superstars, and is in fact happening in your school as we speak.
” i seen cocaine bring out the demons inside, cheating and lying, friendships cease no peace in the mind, stealing and taken anything to fix the pieces inside, broken hopeless, headed no wheres, only motivation for what the dealers supplying, that rush that drug that dope, those pills that crumb that roach, thinking i will never do that, not that drug and growing up nobody ever does, until your stuck, looking in the mirror like i cant believe what i’ve become, swore i was gonna be someone, and growing up everyone always does, we sell our dreams and our potential to escape through that buzz, just keep me up, keep me up, hollywood here we come ” – Otherside lyrics, by macklemore.
If those lyrics are not touching and riveting then i don’t know what else is. This album speaks of reality and truth, and what the everyday person goes through.
This album isn’t all about tragedy, it has somewhat of a hope feeling to it, that even at your worst when you are at rock bottom, you can still climb out of that hole. That it isn’t the end. It inspires people to not even attempt to venture down that path in the first place because of the terrifying consequences and possibilities.
In my opinion, this is an amazing and powerful piece that people should listen to. It doesn’t only speak of mistakes and sadness, but it also explains fun experiences as a young teen, partying and having a blast. This album almost describes life, one song at a time, from different angles and perspectives. It ranges from Happy to sad, to wrong and rights, to inspiring and don’t do’s . The song Otherside gets to me because i’ve been there and i’ve done that, and it’s nice to know i escaped my inner demons and left them behind. And thats what the album is about.

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