FHS Teachers: Mrs Kelly Bidlake-Jamieson

Kelly Bidlake-Jamieson

by Forrest M.

It was been 32 years since Kelly Bidlake-Jamieson graduated from the hallowed halls of FHS. Instead of following in the path of hundreds of her predecessors, Kelly decided to come back to FHS after her graduation, only instead of learning, she decided to be the one doing the teaching.

32 years have done little to phase the memory of Ms.J, she still fondly remembers the three years she spent at FHS. Her favorite teacher at FHS when she was a student was Mr.McGibbon, she said his respect for the students of his class and also for the work they did made him a memorable teacher and also an inspiration for her. On the other hand her least favorite teacher was Mr. Glen Rutledge, but she was naturally hesitant to go into the details.

She also went into detailing explaining the interesting ways in which FHS has changed since she graduated, a few being the smaller student population, more freedom for students, and more younger teachers. I also inquired as to what her favorite memory of FHS  was, “having art I did for art class getting selected for an art show, it was a really good feeling”. At the end of my time with Ms.J I had two final questions for her; the first being what her absolute favorite thing about FHS was/is? “Awesome, awesome custodians, also the student Art gallery”. My final question was a more obvious one; Wu Tang or Gang Starr? And without a moment’s hesitation she responded with “Wu Tang”.


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