You too will love U2

U2 is number 1

By Alison M.U2

U2 18 singles

U2 Universal island records                             


 Although U2 is an older band, its music and messages can still reach a younger audience, even today.

The band is from Dublin, Ireland and includes four members: Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. The instruments used in this post and alternative rock band are bass, guitar, drums and keyboard.

U2 18 singles was recorded in 2006 in France. Oddly enough, the CD includes nineteen songs, seventeen of which are the bands most popular singles. What’s interesting about this album is that it sold 874,490 copies in the United States. Even though I have only listened to a few U2 songs, however, my favorite would have to be Vertigo, the song is catchy, the lyrics are different and its one of U2’s most popular songs. In addition, like vertigo, every U2 song is fun, youthful and unique; every song makes me feel happy. The guitar solos really stand out and the lead singer Bono is really talented on vocals.

U2 has released many albums over the years; however U2 18 singles always manages to stand out. The CD was the seventh highest selling album in 2006 (the same year it was released) and it sold numerous copies worldwide.

In conclusion, even if you have never heard of U2 or if you have only listened to a few of their songs (like myself) I would definitely recommend this CD. U2’s songs and lyrics can appeal and reach out to everyone.

Alison M. is a grade 12 student who listens to few CD’s, but puts U2 as one of her favorites.


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