Demon Days creates a new atmosphere

Gorillaz_Demon_Days_JapanDemon Days far from their worst days

By Scott M.

Demon Days
Virgin: 2005

You’re insane not to give this a listen to, this provides a meaningful listen, rather than the crap pop artists put out for more money.

Demon Days was recorded from January 2004- December 2004 in studio thirteen London, England with a full set of fifteen songs on the track.  It was released to various countries throughout the month of May, later going onto taking 2005 charts by storm.

A lot of their songs are atmospheric and are really enjoyable to listen to. First off, the first song, promptly named intro, acts as what else but an intro to the album, supposed to give you a gloomy and isolated feel, repeating the same lines “who put me down on the bottom of the food chain” over and over. The next song Last living Souls begs the question are we the last living souls, as repeated by the song a million times, it talks about the social issue of we don’t express our individualism enough and follow the hive mind of society, with the aid of the song art, it depicts the four band members with a sea of see through almost faceless people.

Skipping ahead to track number 6, and arguably the best feel good song, Feel Good Inc. is a splendid song. It touches on how we fill our lives with meaningless pleasantries like surfing the internet for hours, drinking, or whatever other cheap thrills you can get, enjoying ourselves but never cracking a smile in the process. We fill our lives with them so much that we become dependent on them and are repressed by them.

Skipping head to the last three songs in the album that kind of lead into each other. Fire Coming Out of the Monkey’s Head tells a story about a peaceful town on the top of a mountain that get invaded by an unknown group to mine their resources, until one day the strangers provoked the monkey in the mountain too much and “there was no more”. This leads to the next track Don’t Get Lost in Heaven, where four line in “and fire coming out of the monkey’s head” leads into the chorus “don’t get lost in heaven”.  This song leads into the enxt almost perfectly, you wouldn’t know the song changed at first until you looked at what song is playing. After listening though the entire album, the start being dreary, moving into the peaceful, almost liberated feeling in the end as you move through the album to finish it off this this song Demon Days on a high note.

The entire album is incredible; almost each song seemingly unrelated to each other but takes you through a journey from dreadful feeling to calm liberated feeling. Some touch on important issues when you really break them down into their raw form and look past the; for the most part; smooth, superb songs. Gorillaz is what you consider a virtual band, where the people who make the music are not physically visible on any of the album or song covers, rather they have animated characters on them, creating the perfect picture that fits every song perfectly. The track was more than memorable, all over the world the album got in the top twenty five on the charts, taking the number one spot in a lot of cases.

This album is spectacular, with the exception of a few songs like track five and eleven, Dirty Harry and White Light. Dirty Harry is just a lame excuse for Hollywood references and although catchy, the kid’s orchestra feels out of place when it leads into a rap for the rest of the song, not to mention the annoying sounds. White light is just a waist of a song, with the only lyrics being “White light White light White light Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol, white light” accompanied with wired background noises. Overall eight out of ten, great album with great sounding songs that flow really well and are pleasing to listen to, with the exceptions of a few songs that seem out of place.


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