Teachers Return to FHS: Mr. Peter Cook

Mr. Cook the Man behind the Myth

By Alex M.

In 1997 the Barenaked Ladies were dominating the airwaves and Men In Black was just hitting the Big Screen. But to Peter Cook that was not very important he was more focused on graduating from Fredericton High School.

Peter Cook, or as he prefers to as referred to as “Mr. Cook,” graduated from Fredericton High School and after getting his degree in education became a teacher at his alma mater.

It was not just the fact that Fredericton High School was Mr. Cook’s former High School that drew him to the school, it was also the positive friendly environment it offered.

“It was my favorite school to supply at. I thought it was the best school I could imagine teaching at,” he said. “Going here definitely made teaching here more comfortable.”

Growing up Mr. Cook always was looking for a better explanation to things, which is probably what led him to teaching.

“ I would always want to understand things and find a good explanation,” he said. “I also worked at a camp and I enjoyed the teaching aspect.”

Mr. Cook enjoys his life at FHS so much he can see himself working here for the rest of his career.

“We have very respectful and well behaved students and the Staff is awesome,” he said. “This is a big school so there are a lot more opportunities which is nice.”

While at Fredericton High School he had a few teachers that really inspired him to do bigger and better things.

Mr. Miles and Mr. Williams, he said, really saw his potential as a student and pushed him. He also enjoyed their teaching style and their ability to conduct a classroom.

Upon his return to Fredericton High School Mr. Cook was reunited with some of his old teachers. Except this time they were his colleagues and not his superior.

“It was weird at first,” he said. “I didn’t see them as peers. I still looked up to them.”

While working on a wellness committee Mr. Cook began to become close friends with a colleague who would soon become his partner in crime in the famous rap duo Masta C and G-Net. Mr. Garnet, or as he is known to most people as G-Net, not only admires and respects Mr. Cook for his comedic song writing abilities but as a professional as well.

“He adds a flavour in his class to his class where students are comfortable and can learn and make mistakes,” he said. “He loves his job and to have fun and he is excellent at what he does.”

After their most recent smash hit at grad dinner “Grad Class Style” G-Net and Masta C are working on a new song for the Kidney Foundation.

“Working on Grad Class related songs is fun,” Said Mr Garnett. “But it is nice to get back to our roots and do a PSA style song.”

On top of his teaching responsibilities Mr. Cook is still a student. He is going to the University of New Brunswick and getting a Masters of Education in Counseling Psychology.


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