Teachers return to their Roots: Andrew Read

Students Return to Teach at Fredericton High School

by Katherine W.

Fredericton High School science teacher Andrew Read reflects on his time as a student at FHS and explains what led him to come back.

Andrew Read, or Mr. Read to his students, has been teaching at FHS since 2008. He teaches primarily science to grades 10, 11 and 12. His favourite class to teach being calculus. He has a very friendly and kind disposition and he is a student favourite. He has a homeroom class currently in grade 12.

Read had a pretty positive experience as a student, as many of us do. “I had a lot of teachers I enjoyed and respected” he said. Although, he admits to preferring life a s a teacher. “[I] probably prefer being a teacher, but it wasn’t bad being a student”

While he was not involved in any clubs or committees at the school, he spent a lot of time with his group of friends. “One time in the caf, a friend of mine spotted a half-eaten, unwrapped chocolate bar on the floor and decided to eat it”. He then explained that said friend explained that the five second rule applied because it had been five seconds since he first saw the chocolate bar.  Read cites this as one of his most memorable FHS moments.

An overwhelming number of former students return to FHS as teachers. As someone who is a part of this group, Read offered this insight as to why that may be: “It’s a big school and a good place” he said. “I like Fredericton. I have a personal bias and I am glad I have a job here and not “the other place” (LHHS) he said. Perhaps these teachers have were inspired by the teachers who taught them at FHS.

Students have nothing but good things to say about Mr. Read: “He’s the best because he is so nice” said Amy Foster, a grade 12 student who has been in Read’s homeroom for all four of her years at FHS. “He doesn’t talk down to us and treats us like real people. He always likes to help us if we have a problem. And if we start crying he lets us go to the bathroom.”

“[The atmosphere of the school has] stayed the same. A lot of people might think it’s changed, but I don’t think so. It’s almost exactly the same” said Read about FHS. The inviting atmosphere is what keeps people coming back.


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