Wintersleep goes untitled

WintersleepWhy Untitled?

By Vladislav Y.


Wintersleep really know how to blend together their music, it can be the most beautiful thing you’d ever heard, and then it roars into some unexpected heavy killer guitar riff.

The band was formed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in 2001 and still plays their great sounds across many territories and continents The band consists of 5 members, Paul Murphy (guitar, vocals), Loel Campbell (drums, guitar), Tim D’eon (guitar, keyboard), Mike Bigelow (bass guitar), and Jon Samuel (keyboard, back vocals and guitar). The main genres of music Wintersleep falls under would be Indie rock, German rock and Soul.

The second album by Wintersleep is untitled; it was released in February 15, 2005 on Dependent Music. In 2006, Jude Haynes and James Mejia the artists who did the art work for the album were awarded “CD/DVD artwork design of the year.” In 2008 they also won the Juno Award for “New Group of the Year.” In 2010, “Weighty Ghost” was included as one of The Top 100 Canadian Singles by Bob Mersereau, this song was also used in many films such as One Week, and commercials.

The first track “Lipstick” of Untitled, starts you off with a good dose of what this band is trying to convey with their music, with simple lyrics and a guitar riff to go along with the music. What really makes this album stand out is the amazing instrument playing especially the drums. The song “Nerves Normal. Breath Normal” starts off with a harder edge and never dulls down, at round 6:25 into the song the guitar harmonics come in which make the song so much more alive than it is. The drums are also outstanding and it is basically impossible for anyone to copy what Loel Campbell does.

The songs Winersleep create are strange, full of rural ghosts and forgotten landscapes. Unlike any other band, Wintersleep is unique in their own way, every song brings emotion and an imaginable picture to the listener. Listening Untitled is like almost listening to a story, every word, and every note is there for its own reason to make up the full picture. The flow of the music is like no other album out there, Paul Murphy’s dark voice might be what really makes almost everything happened or the instrument playing, its really up to you to decide. This album is defiantly one to remember and is recommended to any indie rock fan out there to have in their own collection.


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