A rating higher than SEVEN

Se7en deserves more than a 7 seven

By Scott M.

David Fincher
New Line Cinemas

Se7en, another masterpiece from the amazing director David Fincher, he yet again takes a seemingly normal people/situation and turns it upside down.

Se7en stars a superb combo of Morgan Freeman as detective Lt. William Somerset and Brad Pitt as Detective David mills. Detective Mills is a cocky rookie that just moved from a small town to a big, crime filled city, of the likes he’s never seen with his wife. Assigned to be replacing Detective Somerset, they work together on a murder case before he has to retire. They come across a morbidly obese man dead after being force fed, shot at and beaten to death. There is waist and vomit everywhere and the detectives are puzzled over the motive behind this act. The next day they get a report on another murder case, this time a defence attorney with the word GREED written in the victim’s blood big and bold across the floor. Detective Somerset goes back the other crime scene and discovered the word GLUTONY. The detectives piece together that a psychopath is slowly killing people according to the seven deadly sins: gluttony, greed, sloth, lust, pride, envy and wrath.

Brad Pitt plays a stereotypical cocky guy who thinks he can do anything he wants to. Within the first ten minutes you already feel agitated with his personality. One of the early scenes with him meeting Morgan Freeman’s character he challenges his authority after Freemans character told him to see what the neighbours had to say about the crime, with him in an outcry because he had done that his whole career, working to be a detective and now he finally is, Freeman made him do grunt work again. You feel annoyed with his character and his incompetence to just do what he is requested of, complaining about not getting assigned to the biggest cases rather than helping the tasks he’s asked to do. Morgan Freeman’s character however is cool, calm and collected, you really like him straight off the bat. He keeps a level head about everything and analyses everything he sees. If it wasn’t for him, Brad Pitt’s character would have fallen through and never discovered anything.

David Fincher is my all-time favorite director, who always takes a normal situation and makes it take a turn for the worse. David Mills, an average, cocky small town detective who moves to a big crime infested city looking to serve justice to criminals. Simple and average enough until he’s launched onto the case of a genius psychopath starts systematically killing people according to their sins, after apparently receiving a message from god.

Nominated for best music in 1996 at the Saturn Awards and came second place in the LAFCA awards in 2005. Winning neither, unsurprisingly, although the music was fitting, it didn’t in anyway jump out at me and add that much besides the usual suspense and action music you would expect from a film. The film is fairly basic, in regards to extra SFX and music, because that’s not what it’s about. The movie is more about the story more than anything else and it made such a good delivery that the standard music and special effects can be overlooked because they wouldn’t fit a detective movie like this.

Se7en has a great cast with a great director, all you need for a great film; it has a great story, solid characters and character development. This movie always keeps you on the edge of your seat with suspense and the obvious build up the final encounter on the last murder. The ending was predictable and left you with a bad taste in your mouth because with the choices Detective Mills has to pick from, he does the realistic human one and gives into desire rather than the usual super hero of the story choice, ignoring human desires and being selfless. Overall I give this film an 8/10

Scott M. is a grade 12 student who is an avid fan of David Fincher, Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman


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