Ferris gets his day

Everyone deserves a day off
By Desirae W.
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
John Hughes
It’s a beautiful day and high school students are expected to spend it indoors, learning about subjects they could care less about. All students except Ferris.
Directed by John Huges, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a movie that follows the day of a senior in high school that decides to take the day off school with his friends to enjoy what little time he has left as a teenager. Ferris Bueller, played by the young Matthew Broderick, is the main character in this film. He is fun loving and hilarious teenager with a knack for lying and sneaking around. On a beautiful weekday morning Ferris decides to fake sick so that he doesn’t have to attend school. He gets his best friend Cameron Fry, played by Alan Ruck to join him in his plans for the day. Ferris also retrieves his girlfriend Sloane Peterson, payed by Mia Sara, from her class during the day by tricking the principle, with phony phone call regarding Sloane and her family. Edward Rooney, played by Jeffrey Jones, has a grudge against Ferris because he gets away with just about everything. Throughout the whole movie, Principle Rooney tries to foil Ferris’ plan by sneaking around and trying to catch him in the act of faking sick, in order to have a reason to suspend him. Having the principle sneaking around adds a hilarious twist to the movie, I’m sure any high school student will be able to relate to this fun loving comedy.
Matthew Broderick did an excellent job portraying the role of a 17 year old boy, Ferris Bueller. It was amazing how he spoke, all throughout the movie, as if it were his real life. When Ferris fools his parents into thinking that he is sick, he starts fooling around in his room. He is playing on the computer, playing instruments he’s never been taught to play and complaining about how he doesn’t have a car. This is one of the better scenes in this movie because it is so well done when portraying the strangeness of teenagers. This scene could be related to most people, as everyone has been a teenager once in their life.
Along with the creative scenes, the camera angles in this movie were extremely well done. The camera followed every move of the actors in every direction. You didn’t miss a single moment of what was happening throughout the movie, which makes it enjoyable to watch, as it feels like you are a part of the beautiful fun filled day with Ferris Bueller.
The background music and sound effects were also spectacular in this film. Whenever an intense moment was about to happen, such as a running scene, the music would speed up or get louder and deeper. It added great energy to the movie. Most sounds effects tend to take away from some films, but in this case the director had it perfect. The music flowed with the actions of the cast and camera angles. While the music had such a strong effect on the experience of the movie, it did not take away from the movie itself, it made it better.
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a movie that was made for anyone and everyone. From the musical scenes to faking sick, this movie has a little but of everything. Even though this is a relatively old movie, it still sticks with people who watch it for the first time today. It’s fun, energetic, romantic and inspiring. Ferris Buller’s Day Off is a grand yet simple movie, because everyone can understand the feelings that come through the television screen. It is a well known movie today and will continue to be in the future. I give this movie a 10/10 rating, it is inspiring for all those people out there who don’t have it together, or don’t know who they are and where they’re going, it’s for people who just need a day off.

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