Iron Man 3 gets 3 compliments for fun, originality, creativity


 movie review by Elwood


While there are many things that go into a good movie there are very few things that are needed for a fun movie. And that my friends is what we have on our hands with Iron Man 3. A raucous ride through the turbulent life of Tony Stark. Stark, as portrayed by Robert Downey Junior, is a smart, wild, and funny, millionaire playboy with a nack for adventure, and as we see here it truly is an adventure.
If you go in expecting some artsy film with deep significance, heavy plot, and complicated storyline you are in for a nasty surprise because Iron Man 3 is the furthest thing from it. We join our hero on New Years Eve 1999 with scientist Maya Hansen, while trying to romance her a disabled scientist named Aldritch Killian offers Tony a position at his company Advanced Idea Mechanics. Tony says he’ll meet him on the roof, Killian goes there but Tony never shows.

When a series of explosions occur all over the United States a mysterious figure named the Mandarin takes responsibility for the attacks. Iron Man does nothing until his good friend Happy is harmed in an attack. He then utters a threat to the Mandarin and things get wild from there. Superhero movies aren’t particularly known for clever heroes or hilarious one liners, but that is in fact what you got with this movie. And it was great! It’s incredibly refreshing to see a movie that is confident in making fun of itself, funny, and filled with tasteful violence. The acting was phenomenal on all fronts but as usual RDJ stole the show with his always charming interpretation of the classic character. Though he is the first person to attempt to play Iron Man I don’t know if he’ll ever be beat! He seems so natural in this role that when I think of the character I only think of him.


The movie deals with something new to the character though, since the incidents in New York from The Avengers movie Tony has developed severe anxiety and displays symptoms of PTSD. A new weakness to the otherwise invincible hero. There are many reasons they could have done this, to add a sense of realism to the character, to open up discussions about mental health, or as commentary on the way our society treats war heroes. Any way you slice it is an interesting addition.


Overall this movie would get an 8/10 for creativity, originality, and pure hilarity!


Elwood is a 17 year old super hero fanatic from Fredericton, New Brunswick.  


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