Star Wars IV

Star Wars Episode 4-Poster copyThe Jedi have returned!

By Weston M.

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

George Lucas



            The Jedi have returned! Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi is a phenomenal film that successfully wraps up the wonderfully acclaimed Star Wars trilogy.

            Star Wars Episode VI is final conclusion of the Star Wars trilogy and the story of Luke Skywalker. Luke must pursue his ultimate destiny of destroy the Empire and the Sith forever and revive the Jedi order. In order to accomplish this goal Luke and his allies the Rebel Alliance must destroy the second Death Star along with the Emperor and Darth Vader who the head of the Empire and Sith. Mark Hamil plays Luke Skywalker, Harrison Ford plays the smuggler Han Solo, Carrie Fisher plays Princess Leia, David Prows plays Darth Vader and Ian McDiarmid play the Emperor. There are many, many other characters but these are the main ones present throughout the movie George Lucas is the director of the movie. The viewer should expect an excellently written story with lots of great action along with great characterization that really brings the world alive.

            All the actors do a phenomenal job selling the story; they just really fit so well into their respective roles. I cannot exactly pinpoint where they particularly excel at to make them so believable but I guess it’s just their acting in general. A scene that stands out particularly in the movie is when Luke tells Darth Vade he will never fall to the dark side of the force; the part of this that makes it so good is how the act, they really do a phenomenal job at selling it. When it comes to how they actually convince us all, it has to come down to acting and passion; you can tell that all of these actors have a passion for what they are doing and it shows.

            George Lucas certainly was in his prime when it came to directing this movie and being in his prime shows. In a lot of movies there is usually one particular section that stands out like say lighting, music and so on; however in this movie Lucas uses them all in unison to create and unbelievably real experience. It truly shows that George Lucas had vision for this movie and how it was going to turn out and it shows in nearly every aspect; incredible job.

            When this movie came out in 1983 it blew everybody away with it’s absolutely mind blowing special effects. Some of the special effects are so good that they are still considered really good by today’s standards. You can get the movie in HD and they only did some slight editing here and there and the movie looks like it only came out yesterday. In its time it was a huge leap forward in cinematography; the spaces battles are some of the most memorable as they’re huge and epic. The composer of the official soundtrack is John Williams and I think it’s safe to say that Star Wars wouldn’t be what it is without its soundtrack. The music just brings the whole world and universe alive. It just has a certain vibe and feeling that can send shivers up ones spine.

            In the end this is a must see this film, however it is certainly recommended to see all of the other Star Wars films so you understand the story. Once you have watched all the other Star Wars and watch this, this movie will leave a mark; it truly an excellent ending to a phenomenal tale. I can’t think of any negatives and I’ve already laid out so many positives. In the end I give this movie a 5 out of 5; an excellent movie that everyone has to see.


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