How Goodfellas is so good.

goodfellasGoodfellas: A True Classic

By Luke B.

Martin Scorsese
Warner Bros. (1980)

Goodfellas has stood out as the greatest crime movie of the last 30 years. The cinematography, direction and story have turned it into a classic film.

Goodfellas is the story of the life of an organized crime member named Henry Hill (played by Ray Liotta). Henry Hill is the member of a large mafia organization called the Lucchese crime family. He is taken it a very young age and works for the family for his whole life quickly working his way up the ranks from the 1950’s to 1980. Martin Scorsese creates a dark atmosphere in this movie which follows Hills life with great cinematography and character development which helps us relate to what appears to be a good man caught up in a bad lifestyle. This movie is suspenseful, intriguing, artistic and extremely entertaining.

Amazing actors such as Robert Deniro, Joe Pesci, Ray Liotta, Paul Sorvino and Samuel L Jackson play, with extreme accuracy, main characters in this film. These actors capture the raw emotion and decision making one goes through in situations which are barely imaginable to the average person. The actors portrayed the characters in a way which showed the human side to the criminal mind. It showed the regret, remorse, wit, intelligence and emotion which makes up the individual members of the family. The actors became so skilled and accustomed to their characters that in several scenes they simply ad lib or improvise their lines.

Scorsese has yet again created a masterpiece with Goodfellas. He used a dark atmosphere to constantly keep us in the mood, even during party or happy scenes there are underlying themes and feelings of darkness and morbidness. His soundtrack accompanied the movie very well and drew us into the scenes which were portrayed; his soundtrack was purely music which could be heard during the time period the particular scenes take place. Scorsese often chose songs which could stand alone without dialogue to describe or complement the actions in the scene. Scorsese also filmed the movie in areas of New York and New Jersey which certain scene could really take place. He employed the use of quick cuts and freeze frames to show Henry’s thoughts and life in action.

This movie is worth every cent and will stick with you for years to come, it has set a standard in crime films which is nearly impossible to reach. I believe that Goodfellas is not only the greatest crime film of all time but one of the greatest films of all time across the board.


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