Perfect Pitch

Pitch-Perfect-posterPitch Perfect is in the Top 20 Movies

By Danielle M.

Pitch Perfect

Jason Moore

Brownstone Productions III (2012)

    Pitch Perfect is a musical comedy produced by Jason Moore in 2012 that easily catches everyone’s attention.

    Pitch Perfect was produced and directed by Jason Moore in 2012. It is about main character, Becca played by Anna Kendrick, attending Barden University. She signs up to be part of the Barden Bella’s, an all girl acapella group, becomes good friends with Fat Amy, played by Rebel Wilson, and falls in love with Jesse, played by Skylar Astin. The girls take on other acapella groups in a competition to see who is the best. According to, Pitch Perfect is in the top 20 movies of last year. This movie is full of humour and music. This movie is easily enjoyed by everyone, no matter their taste in movies.

    Anna Kendrick put a lot of emotion into her character to make the character appear real. She also used a lot of attitude in her acting which made it much more enjoyable. Skylar Astin also put a lot of emotion into his character and made himself stand out by singing at random times. He really connected with the character he was playing and it showed on the big screen.

Lastly Rebel Wilson put a lot of humour into her character which made her character very lively and loveable. A scene that made me feel as if the characters were real was when the acapella group was rehearsing day after day to get everything right. They ran laps, sweated, got exhausted and angry with one another. In the end when they played a small show for a party, they were booed offstage. When you seen the hurt in the characters eyes it really felt like they were real.

    I found that the director did an amazing job with this movie. Everything was done very well and he gave the somewhat over dramatic feel but also made it feel real at the same time. He told a somewhat convincing story but he made some parts seem like they wouldn’t actually happen, but other than that it was quite convincing.

    The director used a lot of unique lighting during the on stage scenes to make it more enjoyable and a better performance. It made the stage scenes very memorable. The music in this movie was amazing. The director chose a lot of 80’s music to cover and the actors did an amazing job. The music was very enjoyable to listen to over and over again. The music added to the story to give it more depth.

    I think this movie is definitely worth your time and money. It is hilarious and has great music in it. The actors are amazing in this movie and got guys interested in a girly movie. I would give this movie a 10 out of 10 and would like to encourage you to watch it.


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