Doomtree gives us one of the best hip hop albums

A Future Classic

By Luke B.

False Hopes


Doomtree (2007)


On December 16th 2007 Doomtree released one of the best hip hop albums of the late 2000’s. False Hopes was released as an unofficial album made before the group had any official releases and several songs were remade and re-used on Doomtree’s first official album.


False Hopes was released by Doomtree in their home town of Minneapolis Minnesota.  Doomtree is currently composed of artists Dessa, POS, Cecil Otter, Sims, Mike Mictlan, Paper Tiger and Lazerbeak. At the time of this albums release it also included MK Larada. Doomtree handle all production themselves as well as run their own label as they are an independent group. Doomtree is one of the greatest hip hop groups in the world today.


False Hopes was recorded in Minneapolis and the Mayor declared December 14th as “Doomtree Day” in respect of the group. False Hopes is an immensely powerful album. Featuring incredible production, delivery, lyricism, collaboration and passion Doomtree amazed the hip hop world and help change the public perception that hip hop died in the early 2000’s. While only slightly over half an hour long this album will stick with you for much longer.


This album established the small, independent hip hop group as a powerful force in the hip hop world, one that could work together and create an album, even an unofficial album, which could rival some of the greatest of all time. Hip hop is possibly the most lyrical form of music and here are a few examples of the lyricism expressed in False Hopes.


“If my bed is made with an audience in mind

It’ll most likely fight me off with the fists of time

I don’t miss the finer things in life anymore

Designer rings were just knives ready for the kill

Ready for the score how many whore their skill

How many warm their soul with the will of an author’


“So now I stepped into the side saddle, riding all alone
My only weapon is my mind,
That and knowing that the road wrote a story of its own entitled
“I am yours to loan, but I ain’t yours to own, no I ain’t yours,”
and only open eyes would know the lines and quotes
and no I haven’t always kept my eyes open, so I’m
without a home to call my own,
cause dreams are the only roads I roam.
And I’m sleeping in a box car dreaming of the lost starts, preaching and car hearts
Standing at the edge of this cliff, throwing little things off like rockstars and car parts,”

This album helped to restore my hope in the future of hip hop and remind me that there will always be trashy radio-pop music in all genres which will be forgotten within a month yet every so often a truly talented and powerful album will come along and stay in the spotlight for a long time to come. From the slow beat and drawl of “Slow Burn” to the upbeat and catchy “Hundred Fathers” this album delivers on all fronts.


Luke B. is a grade 12 student with a large music collection of nearly 20,000 songs.


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