How the times, they are a changin’

Immigration, Canada, Fredericton High, and You.

By Weston M.

F.H.S. Journalism

            So the times have certainly changed; Mrs. Sally McAllister walks into her class and sees how the population demographics of not just Fredericton High School have changed, but all of Canada in general before her very eyes. Ten years ago the vast majority of Fredericton High School population was Canadian and still is but there is now a large growing minority of foreign students that one does need to statistics to see but their own eyes.

            It is no secret that Fredericton High School or even the country of Canada is a growing multicultural society; Canada attracts immigrants from all over the world from different societies with different beliefs. According to the 2006 population census, out of a total population of around 31 million at the time, around 20 percent of that population were immigrants. This is changing our society whether we like it or not, in particular this demographic shift can even be felt as close to home as Fredericton High School. Many however wonder what attracts them to Canada, New Brunswick, Fredericton, or even Fredericton High School itself.

Caption: Canada truly is becoming an ever growing multicultural society.


“I think it has a lot do with a really good education, Fredericton High is known for their very good academic programs that they offer here”, said Mrs. Sally McAllister a teacher of the advanced social sciences courses at Fredericton High.

When asked about how Canada in general is appealing to immigrants from all over the world she stated very clearly that too many, Canada seems like a very multicultural society which it is. She would also go on to talk about how also in Canada there are many great opportunities here that the immigrants would not have otherwise had if they stayed in their home country.

“I think it is very interesting how at Fredericton High School we have so many different countries, religions and different views represented; Fredericton High School truly is a multicultural society in itself”, said Mrs. Sally McAllister speaking with regards to so many different cultures being represented at our school.

“Going into the future I think that this trend will continue as Canada is a growing multicultural society with a lot of opportunity; I can’t really see this trend slowing down anytime soon”, said Mrs. Sally McAllister speaking with regards to the continuation of the trend of increasing immigration.

Tony Wu is a student at Fredericton High who mostly takes university courses. Tony moved here at beginning of grade 10 in 2010; he had quite a bit to say with regards to moving to Canada and even the difference in society whether ranging from society in general to even the school system as we know it.

“The reason that me and my family moved to Canada was because for my educational purpose solely, not for financial gain or anything like that. You may also wonder why I came to Fredericton as oppose to Leo Hays, well interestingly enough the immigration agent led us to Fredericton High and also I heard that it was a really good high school when it came to education”, said Tony Wu.

When one from another country comes to Canada one may expect them to experience a culture shock of sorts. Tony Wu had something very interesting to say when it came to the culture shock or lack there-of that he experienced.

“I didn’t really have any culture shock whatsoever; we Chinese have to carry the burden of the whole family. We have to have the determination to be successful on behalf of the whole family”, said Tony Wu.

When then asked about the biggest change that he experienced when coming to Canada, he said that the general atmosphere and educational systems where the biggest.

“There is a very large difference between the Canadian and Chinese school systems, the core materials are still there but in China they go a lot more in depth and go faster. It is very competitive in China which a lot of people really don’t like also; this is of course not to say anything bad about Fredericton High which is a great high school”, said Tony Wu.

Tony would go on to talk about the general difference in both society that was very interesting as it related to even the most basic levels of society like Fredericton High.

“Both societies certainly are different; they both have their certain advantages but I personally prefer Canada as it is way more flexible and free, this very evident even at Fredericton High School. In China the system is very strict that in many ways is meant to inspire competition which I previously mentioned. Another thing that I like about Canada’s system is how people can really go and pursue their passion with freedom, in China that is something that is very hard to do at times”, said Tony Wu.

Being an immigrant himself, Tony also made some fair comments as to why Canada as a country attracts so many immigrants and also why there are so many immigrants in general worldwide.

“A lot of people want to move from China to not just Canada but English speaking countries in general; this is to avoid competition and tediously large amounts of school work. However, moving abroad is very difficult in China. You have to prove your financial worth and special assets to show that moving abroad would be beneficial to China itself”, said Tony Wu.

Just as Mrs. Sally McAllister stated about the growing trend of larger immigration would be continuing in not just Canada but also Fredericton High, Tony agreed also. He stated how he doesn’t see any end to immigration to Canada and English speaking countries in general.

Immigration can add a lot to a society, it can bring in new cultures and new ideas. There however is a not so pretty part to immigration that has been around since the inception of immigration; I am of course referring to the problem of racism and bullying.

Caption: Racism as mentioned earlier has been around since the invention of it, itself. This is during the Second World War where all Japanese in the country were placed in terrible internment camps.


Sydney McAdam is a student of Fredericton High School who has been living in Canada since she was seven months old, she moved from China. She commented about the problem with bullying with regards to immigration, she described her experience.

“I was treated equally by my peers, who didn’t really seem to notice much of a difference between my ethnicity and theirs. As I grew older though it seemed that more adults in my life made assumptions based off my looks and in turn treated me differently – many of which can be taken offensively”, said Sydney McAdam.

Statistically speaking it seems as if immigration is going to slow down anytime soon. According to Statistics Canada the percentage of immigrants in Canada is the highest it has ever been since the turn of the 20th century.

Statistics show that over half Canada’s new coming immigrants are of Asian descent with the Philippines being the largest supplier of foreign immigrants from any country; China is also one of the largest also. With new immigrants also comes religion and the different belief systems of the world; according to the National Post the fastest growing religion in Canada is now Islam. Tony made a joke about the large amount of Chinese immigrants coming into Canada.

“Hahaha (laughs) I think that eventually Canada will be taken over by the ever-growing Chinese population in Canada”, said Tony Wu.

So the times have changed, Canada is recognized by some as one of the largest multicultural societies. As Mrs. Sally McAllister has stated and seen with her very eyes this is a very visible occurrence that doesn’t really require even much research. Whether for the better or the worse immigration to Canada, even Fredericton High will not slow down anytime soon. Mrs. Sally McAllister took a very optimistic viewpoint on immigration and how it really adds to our society.

“Immigration adds so much to our society, multiculturalism truly is a great thing as we learn to live with other of different beliefs and ideas, our country also needs immigration as we are a shirking population and we all the specialize workers we can. Immigration truly is a wonder of our time”.








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